Jessica Philippus Submits Sarah Goodlaxson, Wins Blue Corner Women's ChampionshipMaking use of a unique variation of a Brabo Choke, rising amateur prospect Jessica Philippus submitted rival Sarah “Piranha” Goodlaxson in a featured 105-pound women’s title bout tonight at Ultimate Blue Corner Battles in Kansas City, Missouri. The end came at the 1:20 mark of round two.

Goodlaxson dominated much of the opening three-minute round on the ground. First taking her opponent’s back, she later threatened with armbar attempts, but Philippus rebounded in round two and secured the choke for the victory. Fight video and recap from the title fight are available below.


In a fight billed as a grudge match, Philippus and Goodlaxson faced off for a chance to become the first Blue Corner 105-Pound Amateur Women’s Champion tonight and ended the title bout with smiles and embraces. Philippus walked away with the victory, but Goodlaxson put on an impressive performance in defeat.

From the opening bell, the fighters clashed near the cage and Goodlaxson was able to take Philippus’s back on the ground. Goodlaxson looked for rear-naked chokes, but Philippus eventually spun out and took top position. Goodlaxson countered with armbar attempts, but was unable to finish her opponent before the bell.

Round two was brief but action-packed, as Philippus countered a trip takedown from Goodlaxson with a modified Brabo Choke. She eventually managed to transition into full guard while maintaining the choke and, despite her best efforts, Goodlaxson could not escape. She appeared to be rendered unconscious from the choke briefly, but quickly got to her feet after the fight to congratulate Philippus.

Winner: Jessica Philippus by Technical Submission (Modified Brabo Choke) at 1:20 of round two.


Cageside video of both rounds of the title fight between Philippus and Goodlaxson is available below, courtesy of Ann Gaffigan of