Shooto: The Rookie Tournament Final 2010 Live Play-By-Play & reports live from Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan tonight for the finals of the 2010 Shooto Rookie Tournaments. The event was headlined by a non-tournament matchup between Hideki Kadowaki and Yusuke Yachi, and Junji “Sarumaru” Ito faced Atsushi Takeuchi in the co-feature.

In the tournament portion of the card, winners were crowned in six different Shooto weight classes, ranging from 52kg to 76kg (114 to 167 pounds). Top unbeaten prospects and rising stars collided to determine the future Shooto contenders. Live play-by-play for all of the fights is available below.


Hideki Kadowaki vs Yusuke Yachi

Round 1:
The fighters circled early on and Yachi landed jabs. He stayed on the outside until Kadowaki pushed forward with a one-two. Both landed punches in an exchange and Yachi got the better of it. Another flurry and a one-two followed for Yachi and he briefly stunned Kadowaki with a left hook. Kadowaki clinched and scored a takedown, but Yachi bounced off of the ropes and wound up on top.

Kadowaki got back to a knee and reversed. He landed punches from top position, but Yachi used rubber guard to prevent him from landing anything damaging. Kadowaki broke free and postured up for a trio of punches. He moved to side-control and threw short hammerfists. Kadowaki remained on top until the bell. 10-9 Kadowaki.

Round 2:
Yachi missed with a wild Superman Punch to begin round two, but tagged Kadowaki with a looping hook and a body kick. Kadowaki answered with a takedown and again worked from the top. He landed short punches and hammerfists from Yachi’s half-guard and tried to pass to side-control, but Yachi kept him in place. Kadowaki stood and Yachi landed a big upkick.

Kadowaki was unfazed and returned to Yachi’s guard. He landed punches with his right hand and put Yachi in the corner. Yachi scrambled to his feet and threw a variety of wild strikes including a flying knee, but Kadowaki clinched. He took Yachi back down against the ropes and Yachi tried to post to stand up. Kadowaki kept him down until the bell. 10-9 Kadowaki.

Winner: Hideki Kadowaki by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-19) after two rounds. He improves to 14-11-2.


Junji “Sarumaru” Ito vs Atsushi “ATCH Anarchy” Takeuchi

Round 1:
Ito scored with punches to the head and body early in the fight and backed Takeuchi into a corner. He battled out and the fighters traded more punches. Ito landed a head kick, but ate a left hook counter in return. Ito targeted the body again and kept Takeuchi on the defensive. Takeuchi floored him with a left hook, however, which set off a wild exchange of power punches after Ito got back to his feet.

Ito circled and landed a right hook to the body, but Takeuchi countered with lefts. Another big left scored for Takeuchi, but Ito hurt him with a counter combination. He continued to flurry until he landed one huge right hand that dropped Takeuchi face-first to the canvas, unconscious.

Winner: Junji Ito by KO (Punch) at 3:58 of round one. He improves to 8-2-0.


Tetsu “Hadairo” Suzuki vs Masato Sannai

Round 1:
Suzuki landed a left hook and clinched to open the fight. He scored a trip takedown near the ropes, then used a judo throw seconds later after Sannai stood. From Sannai’s half-guard, Suzuki threw hammerfists to the face and punches to the body. He worked for a Kimura, but lost the position due to the ropes. The fighters stood and Suzuki took Sannai down briefly.

Suzuki took Sannai’s back as the fighters stood again and tried to drag him to the mat. When that failed, he jumped on Sannai’s back again, then turned and tried for a double-leg takedown. Sannai defended with hammerfists and clinched in the corner. Suzuki tripped him on the second try and landed hammerfists from the top. He moved to North-South position, but Sannai regained half-guard before the bell. 10-9 Suzuki.

Round 2:
Big right hands were exchanged early in round two and Sannai landed a jumping knee. Suzuki clinched and backed Sannai into a corner, but Sannai circled out. Suzuki connected with another solid right hook and clinched once more. Sannai reversed and put Suzuki in the corner before taking him down. Suzuki scrambled to his feet and dove for Sannai’s leg.

Suzuki got Sannai down momentarily, then kept him down on his second effort. From Sannai’s guard, Suzuki threw hammerfists and passed to half-guard. He then moved to side-control, but was unable to mount any offence. Sannai worked back to his feet, but Suzuki trapped him in an armbar on the way. He rolled through and tried to extend Sannai’s arm, but could not. Suzuki settled for punches until the bell. 10-9 Suzuki.

Round 3:
Sannai landed a knee to the body to open the final round, but Suzuki took him down. Sannai battled back to his feet and rocked Suzuki with punches, but Suzuki recovered and scored a takedown. Suzuki punched from the top, but Sannai drilled him with a trio of big upkicks. Suzuki fell to his back and Sannai struck from the top in guard. Suzuki rolled and Sannai wound up on top again after a scramble. He threw punches until he lost the position.

More scrambles followed and Suzuki managed to take Sannai’s back. He tried for a rear-naked choke and Sannai defended. Suzuki punched instead and continued to try to set up the choke. More punches followed for Suzuki and he rolled Sannai to his side. Suzuki was unable to secure a choke, but landed punches as Sannai spun. Sannai ended up on top in Suzuki’s guard, but the bell sounded to end the fight. 10-9 Suzuki.

Winner: Tetsu Suzuki by Majority Decision (29, 28, 29-28, 28-28) after three rounds. He improves to 12-8-3.


Hiroshige “Hanzo” Tanaka vs Masaki Yaganisawa

Round 1:
Tanaka defended a takedown early on and kicked at Yanagisawa’s legs. Time was called after a kick from Tanaka struck Yaganisawa in the groin. The fight resumed and Yaganisawa landed a nice right hook. Tanaka answered with a leg kick and a right hook that dropped Yaganisawa to a knee. He flopped to his back and Tanaka again kicked at his legs. Yaganisawa attempted a heel hook and Tanaka spun out. Yaganisawa switched to a toe hold and Tanaka quickly powered out.

Tanaka stood over Yaganisawa and kicked at his legs once more. Yaganisawa grabbed Takana’s leg and tried for another submission, but Tanaka spun and stood up. Yaganisawa sat still and taunted until the referee stood him up. A stiff jab landed for Tanaka and he followed with a leg kick. Yaganisawa shot in for a takedown, but wound up on the bottom. A heel hook attempt from Yaganisawa was unsuccessful and Tanaka kicked at his legs. 10-9 Tanaka.

Round 2:
Tanaka opened round two with a left hook and Yaganisawa failed in a takedown attempt. He landed a nice right cross, however, and the fighters traded short punches. Tanaka shrugged off a weak takedown, but Yaganisawa latched onto his leg. A scramble ensued and the fight returned to the feet long enough for Yaganisawa to dive in for another takedown. He sat in the middle of the ring until instructed to stand up. Tanaka landed a combination that forced Yaganisawa to the ground.

Tanaka stood over him and kicked at his leg. Yaganisawa seemingly had no interest in standing up, but finally did so. He attempted a rolling wheel kick and a rolling heel hook, to no avail. Yaganisawa stood and threw a one-two, but Tanaka answered with a left cross. Two spinning wheel kicks, one of the flying variety, missed badly for Yaganisawa. He stood and shot in for a takedown, but wound up on the bottom. Takana punched, then stood over Yaganisawa and kicked his legs until the bell. 10-9 Tanaka.

Winner: Hiroshige Tanaka by Unanimous Decision (20-17, 20-18, 20-18) after two rounds.


Shooto 65kg Rookie Tournament Final

Yuta “Uruka” Sasaki vs Yo Saito

Round 1:
Saito sent Sasaki to the mat with a glancing punch as Sasaki attempted a flying attack to begin the fight. He worked from the top with short punches as Sasaki attempted a triangle choke. Saito picked Sasaki up while in the triangle choke and Sasaki switched to a flying armbar. Saito kept his hands clasped to prevent Sasaki from pulling back on the hold. He slammed free and Sasaki switched back to a triangle choke.

Saito picked Sasaki up and sammed him down, then attempted a guillotine choke as the fighters stood. A battle for position followed in the corner and Saito scored a brief trip takedown. Sasaki stood and Saito landed a knee. Sasaki countered with a standing Brabo Choke, then took Saito down with it. Saito held on and escaped, but Sasaki punished him with punches until the bell. All Saito until Sasaki’s rally at the end. 10-10 as a result.

Round 2:
The fighters clashed heads as both looked for a takedown in round two and time was called to give Saito time to recover. Action resumed and he scored a takedown. Saito worked from the top and tried to pass Sasaki’s guard, but Sasaki kept him from doing so. Both fighters attempted heel hooks and Sasaki took top position in a scramble. He struck from half-guard and moved to mount.

Sasaki postured up and landed right hands, then took Saito’s back. He tried for a rear-naked choke and Saito defended. Sasaki retained back control, but Saito rolled to his sides constantly and avoided danger. Sasaki continued to hunt for chokes, then postured up and landed a flurry to the sides of Saito’s head. The round came to a close. 10-8 Sasaki.

Winner: Yuta Sasaki by Unanimous Decision (20-17, 20-18, 20-18) after two rounds. He improves to 5-0-0 and wins the 2010 Shooto 65kg Rookie Tournament.


Shooto 60kg Rookie Tournament Final

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Seiji Akao

Round 1:
After an exchange of punches, Akao reversed a takedown and tried to take Horiguchi’s back, but Horiguchi scrambled up. A clinch followed in the corner, but the fighters separated after landing punches. Akao slipped after a one-two from Horiguchi, who followed with a leg kick after Akao stood. A clinch in the corner resulted in a stalemate and the fight returned to the centre of the ring.

Horiguchi landed a leg kick and followed with knees in close. Akao tripped him to the mat and Horiguchi tried to counter with a guillotine choke. He got back to his feet and both fighters landed knees in a clinch. Horiguchi broke free with looping hooks, but Akao clinched again. After a break, Akao rushed in with a flying punch, but was hiy with a counter left hook just before the bell. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 2:
Horiguchi dropped Akao like a rock immediately in the second round with a huge right hook. He followed with punches on the ground, but Akao managed to hold on. Akao stood and Horiguchi teed off with punches in the corner until the referee stopped the fight just as Akao’s corner was throwing in the towel.

Winner: Kyoji Horiguchi by TKO (Punches) at 0:43 of round two. He improves to 3-0-0 and wins the 2010 Shooto 60kg Rookie Tournament.


Shooto 56kg Rookie Tournament Final

Kosuke “Rambo” Suzuki vs Yusuke Honma

Round 1:
The fighters circled early on and Suzuki landed a stiff jab. Honma answered with a hard right hand and Suzuki countered with one of his own. Suzuki landed a leg kick and an overhand right, then stuffed a takedown. Quick punches were exchanged and Suzuki landed another inside leg kick.

Suzuki ducked under a combination from Honma and reversed a takedown, and the fighters scrambled to their feet. Leg and body kicks landed for Suzuki, but Honma scored with a nice counter right hook. Seconds later, Suzuki landed a one-two that left Honma unconscious on the mat. He stayed down for quite some time and was taken out on a stretcher.

Winner: Kosuke Suzuki by KO (Punches) at 4:52 of round one. He improves to 4-0-1 and wins the 2010 Shooto 56kg Rookie Tournament.


Shooto 70kg Rookie Tournament Final

Akira Okada vs Kota “Hataro” Shimoishi

Round 1:
The fighters closed the distance early on and traded punches and leg kicks. Shimoishi landed a body kick and a left hand, but time was called after a kick strayed low. Action resumed and Okada took Shimoishi down. Shimoishi countered with a Kimura from his back and a scramble followed. Okada punched free and took partial back control. The fighters stood briefly and Okada dragged Shimoishi down again.

Shimoishi got back to his feet, but not before eating a series of punches for his efforts. A clinch followed in the corner and both landed punches as they backed away. Shimoishi landed a left hook and Okada took him down. He took Shimoishi’s back in a scramble as the fighters stood. Okada attempted trips, but Shimoishi reversed and punched from the top. The back-and-forth round came to a close. 10-9 Shimoishi, barely.

Round 2:
After a quick exchange of strikes, the fight briefly went to the mat in the second round, but the fighters got back to their feet and Okada scored with punches that stunned Shimoishi. Okada stuffed a takedown, but Shimoishi landed counter knees in close. Okada floored him with a lunging left cross and dove into his guard. He punched from the top and moved to half-guard.

Shimoishi reversed, but landed an illegal knee to the head. Time was called to give Okada time to recover and Shimoishi was deducted one point for the infraction. The fight continued and both fighters looked for a knockout with heavy punches. Shimoishi staggered Okada, who dove for a takedown. Shimoishi countered and landed knees to the body from Okada’s half-guard, then moved to mount. He punched from the top until the bell. 9-9.

The fight was ruled a Draw after two rounds and an extension round followed.

Round 3:
Okada pushed forward in the final round and both fighters landed short hooks. Okada attempted a takedown and Shimoishi countered with a guillotine choke. The fighters scrambled and Okada took Shimoishi’s back. He secured a rear-naked choke and Shimoishi was forced to submit.

Winner: Akira Okada by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:24 of round three. He improves to 3-0-1 and wins the 2010 Shooto 70kg Rookie Tournament.


Shooto 76kg Rookie Tournament Final

Yusaku Inoue vs Ryuichiro Sumimura

Round 1:
Punches and body kicks were exchanged early in the fight and both landed. More kicks and punches were thrown in the corner and Inoue backed away. He scored with a combination and took Sumimura down near the ropes. Inoue worked from the top with short strikes for quite some time until Sumimura made his way back up.

A brief striking exchange followed and Inoue used a judo throw to take Sumimura down. Inoue punched from the top until Sumimura sprung back to his feet. Inoue landed a one-two and rushed in with a flying head kick that partially landed. The fighters clinched and traded strikes in close until the bell. 10-9 Inoue.

Round 2:
The fighters clinched early in the second round and battled for position until Inoue scored a takedown near the corner. Sumimura countered with a heel hook attempt, but Inoue had none of it and punched from the top. He mixed in hammerfists and stood up briefly. Inoue returned to Sumimura’s guard, only to be kicked off.

Inoue bullrushed Sumimura and put him back down on the ground, but had to fight off a triangle choke attempt. Sumimura tied up Inoue’s arms and prevented him from striking, but Inoue broke free and landed two big right hands. Sumimura attempted another leg submission and the fighters stood. Inoue took Sumimura down in a corner again fought off upkicks with punches. 10-9 Inoue.

The fight was ruled a Draw through two rounds and an extension round followed.

Round 3:
The tired fighters traded punches to begin the final round and Sumimura scored with a pair of right hooks. Inoue clinched and took him down in the corner. He landed hammerfists from the top until both fighters stood. Inoue drilled Sumimura with a counter left hook and took him down again. He struck from the top as Sumimura looked for submissions from his back.

Sumimura tried to tie up Inoue’s arms and did a good job of doing so, as the referee stood the fighters up. Punches were exchanged and both fighters landed knees in a clinch. Inoue tripped Sumimura to the mat, but Sumimura got back up and tried for a takedown of his own. Inoue remained on his feet until the final bell. 10-9 Inoue.

Winner: Yusaku Inoue by Unanimous Decision (3-0 Must Decision – Inoue) after three rounds. He improves to 7-0-0 and wins the 2010 Shooto 76kg Rookie Tournament.


Shooto 52kg Rookie Tournament Final

Masayoshi “Macho The Butterfly” Kato vs Tadaaki “Onibozu” Yamamoto

Round 1:
Big punches were exchanged early on in the match, with both fighters landing stiff jabs soon after. Yamamoto flurried in the corner and Kato circled out. The fighters traded more punches and Yamamoto landed jabs and a lead left hook. Yamamoto answered with rights and the pace remained high with striking.

Yamamoto landed a series of jabs and briefly staggered Kato with punches against the ropes. Kato recovered and clinched, then landed a flurry in close, but Yamamoto scored with more strikes. He just missed with an uppercut and landed a quick combination. Kato reversed a takedown and struck from partial back control late in the round. 10-9 Yamamoto, barely.

Round 2:
The fighters again traded hard shots in the second round and Yamamoto initially got the better of it, but Kato fired back with a one-two. Yamamoto drilled him with a vicious right hand, but Yamamoto stayed up. The fighters clinched in the corner briefly before resuming exchanges of punches and leg kicks. Yamamoto landed lead left hooks and an overhand right. The fighters exchanged and time was called after an accidental low blow. Action resumed and the fighters clinched in the corner.

They broke free and Kato landed right hands. Yamamoto answered with a leg kick and a battle for position followed in a clinch. Yamamoto tried for a takedown and took Kato’s back while standing. Kato escaped and both fighters landed big punches near the corner. Yamamoto mixed in leg kicks, but ate a right hook. Kato tried for a takedown and Yamamoto stuffed it. Kato got Yamamoto down on a second try and punched for the final five seconds. Close round. 10-10.

Winner: Masayoshi Kato by Split Decision (20-18, 20-19, 19-20) after two rounds. He improves to 4-0-1 and wins the 2010 Shooto 52kg Rookie Tournament.