Jewels: "Eleventh Ring" Weigh-In Results & Fighter QuotesWeigh-ins were held today at the Official DEEP Gym in Tokyo, Japan for Friday’s Jewels: “Eleventh Ring” event and all fighters successfully made weight. The first Jewels Lightweight (115-Pound) Queen Champion will be crowned on the card when Seo Hee Ham, Mika Nagano, Sakura Nomura and Ayaka Hamasaki all compete for the title.

Jewels will also crown Rough Stone Grand Prix Champions in three weight classes, and promotional stars Hiroko Yamanaka and Saori Ishioka will also be in action. Full weigh-in results and fighter quotes are listed below.


Official Weigh-in Results:


Hiroko Yamanaka vs Molly “The Maulinator” Helsel [65kg Jewels Special Rules – 2×5]

– Hiroko Yamanaka: 64.7kg / 142.3 pounds
– Molly Helsel: 61.2kg / 134.6 pounds


Shizuka Sugiyama vs Esui [59kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Shizuka Sugiyama: 59.0kg / 129.8 pounds
– Esui: 58.5kg / 128.7 pounds


Miki Morifuji vs Kinuka Sasaki [57kg Jewels Special Rules/Morifuji Retirement Match – 2×5]

– Miki Morifuji: 56.9kg / 125.2 pounds
– Kinuka Sasaki: 56.9kg / 125.2 pounds


Saori “Shooting Star” Ishioka vs Yuko “Amiba” Oya [Jewels Lightweight Queen Reserve Bout – 2×5]

– Saori Ishioka: 52.0kg / 114.4 pounds
– Yuko Oya: 52.0kg / 114.4 pounds


Seo Hee Ham vs Mika “Future Princess” Nagano [Jewels Lightweight Queen Semi-Final B – 2×5]

– Seo Hee Ham: 51.9kg / 114.2 pounds
– Mika Nagano: 52.0kg / 114.4 pounds


Sakura Nomura vs Ayaka Hamasaki [Jewels Lightweight Queen Semi-Final A – 2×5]

– Sakura Nomura: 52.0kg / 114.4 pounds
– Ayaka Hamasaki: 52.0kg / 114.4 pounds


Jewels Lightweight Queen Participants: Hamasaki, Nomura, Nagano, Ham
Jewels Lightweight Queen Participants (left to right):
Ayaka Hamasaki, Sakura Nomura, Mika Nagano, Seo Hee Ham


Yukiko Seki vs Kikuyo Ishikawa [Jewels 48kg Rough Stone Grand Prix Final – 2×5]

– Yukiko Seki: 46.6kg / 102.5 pounds
– Kikuyo Ishikawa: 47.7kg / 104.9 pounds


Hiroko Kitamura vs Mai Ichii [Jewels 52kg Rough Stone Grand Prix Final – 2×5]

– Hiroko Kitamura: 51.8kg / 114.0 pounds
– Mai Ichii: 51.8kg / 114.0 pounds


Asako Saioka vs Mizuki Inoue [Jewels 56kg Rough Stone Grand Prix Final – 2×5]

– Asako Saioka: 55.4kg / 121.9 pounds
– Mizuki Inoue: 55.4kg / 121.9 pounds


Miyoko Kusaka vs Asami Higa [50kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Miyoko Kusaka: 49.5kg / 108.9 pounds
– Asami Higa: 49.8kg / 109.6 pounds


Emi Murata vs Anna Saito [55kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Emi Murata: 54.7kg / 120.3 pounds
– Anna Saito: 54.2kg / 119.2 pounds


Fighter Quotes:


Molly Helsel: “I’ve been active. This will be my third fight in six weeks [Costa Rica, Ireland, now Tokyo] and two of those were close decisions. I’m mentally prepared. When I saw [Hiroko Yamanaka], I thought, ‘She’s human. I can beat her. I’m not afraid.'”

Esui: “I’m the first female Mongolian fighter, so I feel that I have something to prove.”

Emi Murata: “I’m going to submit [Anna Saito].”

Mai Ichii: “I’m gonna KO [Hiroko Kitamura] with my right hook or right straight. You can tell my opponent that! She should wash her cheek in preparation!”

Ayaka Hamasaki: “I’m gonna take the [Jewels Lightweight Queen Championship] title home with me.”

Sakura Nomura: Same comment, word-for-word, as Hamasaki.

*Note: Additional fighter comments from Hiroko Yamanaka, Shizuka Sugiyama, Mika Nagano and Saori Ishioka will follow in exclusive pre-fight interviews.

All quotes listed above were translated in full by Roxanne Modafferi.