First Women's Bout Booked For SRC: "Way Of Soul"Sengoku Raiden Championship has booked the first of what could be as many as five women’s bouts for their year-end “Way of Soul” event on December 30th. Kickboxing champions Erika Kamimura and Chiharu will square off in a bout that both fighters hope will use full Muay Thai rules.

Kamimura, who is known as “the strongest female high school student,” will celebrate her 18th birthday on the day of the fight against an opponent close to twice her age. SRC is also said to be very interested in featuring two-time Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup Champion Rena Kubota on the December card.

SRC’s “Way of Soul” event will be an all-day spectacle featuring a variety of competitions outside of strictly mixed martial arts. Children’s bouts are planned and reports have suggested that the promotion may be interested in showcasing nearly half a dozen fights between female competitors; something never before seen on a major mixed martial arts and kickboxing card of this size in Japan.

Kamimura and Chiharu will do battle in a 47.62kg (104.8 pounds) mini-flyweight bout, which will be contested using five 2:00 rounds. Both competitors are hoping to fight under full Muay Thai rules that permit elbow strikes, though an official decision on the rule scheme has not yet been made. Kamimura presently holds the J-Girls, WPMF and WMC Mini-Flyweight Championships, while Chiharu is the reigning M-1 Women’s Mini-Flyweight Champion.

In the case of Kubota, who has become the postergirl for Shoot Boxing after winning the promotion’s Girls S-Cup tournament two years in a row, her participation remains uncertain and could come in the form of either a shoot boxing match or her mixed martial arts debut. has learned that SRC has expressed interest in featuring the teen sensation, but negotiations remain in early stages.

Women’s mixed martial arts bouts also factor into SRC’s tentative plans for its year-end extravaganza. Rumoured fighters hail from both Japan and the United States but, as with Kubota, no official decisions have been made as of yet regarding female involvement in the MMA portion of the card. Further details are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Sengoku Raiden Championship: “Soul of Fight” takes place on December 30th at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan.



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