Megumi Fujii Addresses Bellator Loss, FutureOn October 28th at Bellator 34, something happened that had never taken place before: Megumi Fujii competed in a mixed martial arts bout and her hand was not raised in victory at its conclusion. Fujii was upset by Zoila Frausto, who became Bellator 115-Pound Women’s Champion.

One week after suffering her first loss in 23 career bouts, Fujii has spoken out about the fight and her future. The long-time pound-for-pound queen, who has also trained some of the sport’s best female fighters, believes that the loss has given her a strength that she was missing before the fight.


This posting was translated in its entirety by Roxanne Modafferi from the original entry here.


“I learn a lot from my teacher. And this time, we had a long talk after I got back from the States. Thank you so much, teacher.

There’s a lot that I’m lacking. Of course, in life, and also as a fighter. There’s a lot.

In order to get stronger, the most important thing one needs…that’s to lose. I’ve lost many times in other combat sports, but in MMA I’ve never lost. It’s a loss, true, but those aren’t the same kind of losses. In life, after failures or setbacks or sadness, a great strength and kindness is born.

And now, with this loss…I believe that I’ve received something which I was missing. I think absolutely everyone must experience something like this. So therefore, gratefully, I’ll take it and keep on going with my life. If we think like this, we can overcome.

I say this a lot. However, even with this result, nothing changed with people. But now it’s because of this that I’ve been able to relax and take it easy. Shapeless; I feel that I’m enveloped in warmth. The gloomy feelings from the fight are over.

Thank you so much for reading all this.”


In previous blog entries, Fujii stated that she felt that she had won the tournament final against Frausto but did not believe that complaining would help. As fans continue to debate the fight’s outcome, with many feeling that Fujii had deserved the victory, the diminutive Japanese star is now at peace with the decision and has shifted her focus from the past to the future; to getting better and stronger.

Fujii’s contributions to the sport extend well beyond her fights inside the ring. She is responsible for training some of the top female fighters in Japan at the Abe Ani Combat Club. Among them are former Smackgirl Middleweight Champion and current Strikeforce contender Hitomi Akano, reigning Valkyrie Flyweight Champion Yasuko Tamada and unbeaten Jewels prospect Ayaka Hamasaki.

While many fans in North America were not familiar with Fujii’s career or skills prior to her Bellator debut in June, she won over the viewing audience with a trio of impressive victories. Though she was defeated in the tournament final, Fujii’s legacy and impact on the sport of MMA, especially in Japan, are both invaluable and undeniable.

  1. I like the way she is taking the loss, i think Frausto obviously won the fight, but it was a good fight for sure.

  2. megumi won that fight. i watched that fight 3 times and each time i had it scored the same as the commentators , going into the 5th rd megunmi was a head 3 -1 , then the last rd she definately won so that just shows how fixed this tournament was. i said to a friend of mine after jessica agulliar got robbed by frausto , that the only way megumi would get a win in this title fight would be to sub frausto. bellator must own frausto , because we all know how crooked boxing became and rebney comes from boxing

  3. Wow, that was very beautifully said. Mega Megu is STILL amazing and she is STILL the best in the world IMO… but I really admire her perspective… Thanks for sharing!

  4. […] herself also stated on her own blog that she believed she won the match, though she seems to be at peace with the decision. As for the fans, we’re still watching Frausto with a very jaded eye, and hoping that future […]

  5. I watch the fight and Megumi Fujii was the aggressor and had sharper punching that landed numerous time to Frausto face and body shots. I had Fujii won 4 of 5 rounds. Pound for pound Fujii is still the champion. She was robbed! Let’s look at the facts! It is an American martial art sport that is supported by American sponsor-what’s that tell you. Frausto knows she didn’t win-it was given to here. I commend Fujii on her character and sportmanship. Why I can say this! I am also a martial artists in the fine art of Tang Soo Do Karate and Kendo both at the black belt level. Experience is what it is all about. Enclosing Megum Fujii come back with a vengeance.
    Take care,

  6. Megumi Fujii’s character and style demonstrate her greatness. I hope to see more of her in the news. GO MEGA MEGU! Danny