Ex-Fury Promoter Claims Innocence, Blames SetupDamien Roche, the former promoter of the Fury MMA promotion in Macau, has professed his innocence and claims that he is not to blame for a failed show earlier this month that left fighters stranded in the country. Roche blames the situation on an elaborate setup by former associates Kevin Don and Olivier Doleuze, who accused him of embezzling millions.

Roche claims that he was no longer a part of Dynamax; the company that signed the contract to hold the event at the City of Dreams. He alleges that Don and Doleuze set him up as the fall guy when the event collapsed.

Fury 2: “Armageddon” was scheduled to take place on October 9th at the City of Dreams casino in Macau. Among those who flew to Macau to compete on the card were Japan’s Eiji Ishikawa, Brazil’s Carina Damm and Mongolia’s Esui. Upon arriving in the country, fighters and managers discovered that the event was in disarray. Attempts to contact Roche, who was still believed to be the event’s promoter, were unsuccessful and fighters soon found themselves stranded in the country after hotel rooms and return flights were discovered to have been cancelled.

As initially reported, the event was then cancelled entirely amidst allegations from Don and Doleuze that Roche had embezzled nearly $13 million HK from the Kontact Gym and the City of Dreams itself. What has followed has been a war of words as supporters and associates of Don and Doleuze lay all blame for the failed event on Roche, while Roche and his supporters claim that he is innocent and the victim of a setup from his former partners.

At issue was the fact that Roche was initially unavailable for comment when contacted by numerous individuals in Macau who were involved with the event. On October 6th, word broke from Macau that the event had been cancelled and that the situation had become chaotic as people searched for answers.

MMARising.com attempted to obtain comments from Roche through a source in Macau, but Roche’s phone had been turned off and he did not immediately respond. This would become a key point in the following days, as Don claimed that Roche turned off his phone and went into hiding after embezzling the money. He further stated that Roche was wanted by the Hong Kong police.

Not so, says Roche, who claims that he had turned off his phone for 24 hours after Don posted Roche’s home address and contact information on Facebook and encouraged fighters to direct all questions and concerns over fight purses to Roche. Overwhelmed by requests for comments and payments for a show that he alleges that he was no longer even a part of, Roche admits that he was indeed unavailable to address the situation at the time.

As a result, his account of the events could not be published in the initial report on this website.

Don further alleged that Roche had fled to Thailand in order to escape Hong Kong authorities, but both Roche and an associate, Seth Fishman of Elite Boxing in Thailand, state that Roche had travelled to Thailand for an unrelated business deal that pre-dated the Fury event. According to Fishman, this deal has stalled as a result of the accusations put forth by Don and Doleuze.

The City of Dreams casino, which remained caught up in the middle of the situation, has yet to offer a public comment on the matter. Don alleged that the casino had accused Roche of stealing $600,000 HK from them in fees for the Fury event. Roche says that this is completely untrue and has a very different account of the events.

According to Roche, the City of Dreams signed a contract that would have provided him with $1.2 million HK in funding to cover expenses for the Fury event. This was to be paid in two instalments of $600,000 HK apiece. Roche received the first payment and used the money to cover advertising costs, production fees, trophies for victorious fighters, belts and flights to and from Macau. Prior to receiving the second payment, Roche says that Don and Doleuze cancelled the event and put all blame on him, since he was the promoter and the “face” of the show.

Don also alleged that Roche had embezzled $12 million HK from the Kontact Gym in Hong Kong and had been subsequently fired as a result. Roche vehemently denies this and states that he had entered into a partnership with Doleuze – a Hong Kong-based horse racing jockey – to serve as co-directors of the gym. According to Roche, the money in question was invested in the gym by Doleuze when the establishment was first formed, no money was ever stolen, and that this matter had absolutely nothing to do with the Fury event.

Fishman, who had organised Muay Thai fights and worked with ESPN to set up a television deal for Fury, has stated that the City of Dreams informed him that it was Don and Doleuze who cancelled the Fury event and that Roche was not involved. This would also apply to the cancelled hotel rooms and return flights which left fighters and managers stranded. MMARising.com has thus far been unable to confirm this report from the City of Dreams itself, which has yet to offer a public comment despite allegedly planning to put out a press release exonerating Roche on October 11th.

Roche now maintains that he simply wishes to salvage his reputation, which was damaged from the allegations that Don put forth. He has been in Thailand working with Fishman and other members of Elite Boxing on the pre-existing deal that he says took him away from Macau in the first place. Sources tell MMARising.com that Roche has also returned to Hong Kong and is not wanted by the police, but this has not been confirmed.

MMARising.com has spoken with individuals who worked with Roche on previous projects in and around Macau. Most spoke highly of their past dealings and expressed shock and surprise at the accusations that had been directed towards Roche by Don and Doleuze. The back-and-forth exchange between both sides of the argument continues, but all fighters who were stranded in Macau have made their way home. Compensation for their losses is unlikely.

While the City of Dreams has yet to publicly comment on the matter to set the record straight, further updates will follow if and when the casino releases a public statement or replies to requests for comment from this website.

  1. people are forgetting many things here. roche owes many peole money not just doleuze. he was taking money from members of kontact for training sessions 24 hours before the gym closed. he had not paid the rent at the previous which is why he moved to a new space. the new gym was owed rent as well for the last month. if you have ever worked with roche you will know it is very hard to get meoney from him. he makes people wait and wait.previous pr firms and past trainers that have worked for him can testify to this. contact his former members at kontact and ask them if they trusted him. only 11 signed on for autopay. why ? because they didnt trust roche. look at what eh spent to go to Miami for a ‘supposed’ business trip to meet with spik tv. 2 first class tickets on the kontact account for 90k hong kong. ask spike tv if they have ever met roche in miami.when we called them they did not know who roche was and told us they do not have an office in miami. there office is at Spike TV Headquarters Address. 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036. United States Phone: 212-258-8000
    the reason city of dreams is not making a statement is because they are so embarrassed at the moment they do not know for sure if they are suing roche or not. but a source there tells us they have vowed not to work with roche again. the hk police 100% wish to speak with roche. we checked with the central c.i.d. team and they confimred he is a ‘person of interest’. they also confirmed they have recieved more complaints about roche in the last 10 days. doleuze has told roche recently he will not press charges against roche but this is out of doleuze’s hands now. the hk police have looked over the accounts and they ae the ones who will be pressing charges against roche. idf you wish to know how serious tis is contact hk immmigration. they have alreaqdy revoked his hkid and wil take him into custody when he lands in hk. ask yourself people. if you had 12 million hong kong dollars embezzled from you, wouldnt you want to make sure roche went to prison ? he took the money and he will do the time.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I was told earlier today that Damien had returned to Hong Kong at some point since all of this happened and that the police were not looking for him. Can you confirm for certain that he has definitely not returned to Hong Kong?

    My attempts to get answers from the City of Dreams have been unsuccessful. I will now attempt to get in contact with both the immigration department and the police force to see if they are able to support what you have posted here. I’m not sure how successful these attempts will be (nor how well they will speak English), but I will try nonetheless.

    This story is complicated, to say the very least.

  3. Immigration replied immediately. They say that they are unable to disclose any information due to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. I would imagine that the police department, should it respond, will probably reply with a similar message.

    Thus, Betta, I cannot confirm or deny what you have said as of now.

  4. roche damien took money from us his clients few days before he gym closed and few months after the story with planet yoga !!! 12 people were arrested in the planet yoga case .. do you think roche damien is above the law ??? fck%#*ing asshole cheater

  5. I have been waiting patiently for an authorized formal press release from COD myself. I have requested this via email several times, and was asked to be patient. Can I now safely quote Betta Hill “the reason city of dreams is not making a statement is because they are so embarrassed …”? Betta please confirm with your source the actual reason as I would not at this time care to quote you, but would question your source for being so bold by offering the sentiment of COD!

  6. Realise that Mr Roche found already partners and complices to spend the 12 millons he rob from Doleuze ,prob mr Fishman is one of them.
    How someone can run hiding in Thailand when he’s in the spotlight ha ha so weird !
    Hope he get arrested soon !

  7. BETTA

    Here is some english 101 for you

    The term embezzle means to take money that is in your care or that belongs to an organization or business you work for

    Now for the math lesson

    Kontact has been open for roughly 24 months. Now if there was supposedly 12 million HKD to steal then the gym would need to make profit of 500,000HKD per month. So after monthly expenses they gym would need to be taking in around 1million HKD per month. That means they would need an active data base of around 600,000+ people. I DON’T THINK SO. Tell me any MMA gym in hong kong that has this many members.

    Betta i know you are the personal accountant of Olivier Delouze. You need to find a new job because you obviously suck at maths.

    And one more question for you. Do the police in hong kong have telephones? If they were looking for Roche why haven’t they called him?

  8. And this one is for AN

    Damien Roche was the co-director with Olivier Delouze.

    Olivier Delouze was the owner of Kontact.

    Damien had resigned from Kontact and it was the decision of Olivier to close the gym. Roche was unaware the gym was closing until after the fact.

  9. i did work for olivier and i did see the accounts. roche did embezzle over 12 million hk dollars from mr delouze. as for maths, i can tell you my maths are correct and the amount roche stole is + 12 million hk dollars. and mr roche was fired he did not resign. he was tld to sign a paper and to leave the premis asap. my source at city of dreams has told us that they will be pressing charges against roche 100%. and again, hk cid are looking for roche too. immigration will pick him up if he comes back to hk. but he wont. he knows what he did and he wont show his face. an inoocent man does not run. mr roche ran.

  10. The 12million u keep talking about was the money originally invested in the gym. The money was used to buy equipment etc. I will send u bank statements to show u there was never 12million in cash in the account. How can u steal money that wasn’t there.

  11. mr roche come back to hk and defend yourself if you are innocent. the 12 million you stole/embezzled is from over 2 years and is money you borrowed with false pretenses from mr delouze. explain the first class tickets to miami you charge to kontact company account. who is the contact at spike tv you told mr delouze you were meeting for your tv show ? why you take money for personal training sessions from you clients that trusted you when you know you going to leaving town? come back to hk and we all sit down, you the accounants of mr delouze, hong kong criminal investigation team, the gerneral manager for city of dreams macau, mr delouze, your clients from kontact, your old landlord at lkf tower, and your most recent landlord. we all sitting down and talking about this and we see what the outcome is ok? if you are innocent then you have nothing to fear. i not think you coming back because you know you scam many people and many people know you scam man. we see in time mr roche

  12. the 12 million she talks about is money roche took over 2 years.not from the company but from delouze his partner.and how much money did roche give back to delouze his partner over that 2 years, 0.yes there was no money in the accounts because roche clean it out every time autopay put money in.pettycash box emptied when he leaves and money never put in to bank.only put in his pocket.also tv people for macau show not ben paid. he lie about paying them.he owing them 400,000 still. so where the 600,000 city of dreams giving him before? who knows but the poilice looking into to it.yes city of dreams say they will press charges.this i also confirm

  13. This is not mr Roche writing to u. I am someone who has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Pull ur head out of olivers ass for two seconds and look up in your chinese dictionary the difference between embezzle and invest. Oliver INVESTED this money in the gym for the tenth time. The only thing u keep going in about is this trip to Miami. Obviously there is jack shit when this is the only thing u talk about. BTW the tickets were not first class. Want the itinerary.

  14. Betta,

    Please explain your expertise now that 2 years have gone by and you just discovered the entire original investment was stolen. You were doing what when all this occured on your watch. Even if you smoked crack you should have noticed the entire investment vanish as you claim! But please lets not discuss your complete incompentance, but the facts of why the event was cancelled. The event and the gym are two different issues. Even if there is any truth to what you claim how does that change the facts regarding the event being cancelled? Please argue these facts:

    1. If I was fired as you already stated and forced to resign was not Kevin and Oliver now responsible for the event.

    2. Did Elite Boxing offer to cover expenses if necessary and offer their support to insure the show continues?

    3. Did I not agree and endorse Elite Boxing to help assist Oliver and Kevin and insure the event could take place as scheduled?

    4. Why did Oliver tell Elite Boxing that COD cancelled the event, and that is why they went to COD at their expense and in person to find out otherwise.

    5. Were some of the fighters promised by both Kevin and Oliver that even though I left they would make certain the event was still going on.

    6. Were these same fighters not only guaranteed this event was still going to occur, but also the January event was as well. BTW Anthony Rea and Ferrid Kheder will acknowledge this.

    7. So once again if I was fired and no longer part of the company, how am I responsible for cancelling the event?

    8. If Oliver and Kevin were not confident to host the event as they promised why am I responsible for their decision to cancel the event?

    9. Can you now at least admit that Oliver and Kevin cancelled the event? Or does your inside source still maintain that COD is too embarrased and doesn’t know what to do, but will be 100% pressing charges?

    10. So Kevin after getting me fired and thinking he can take my place fails, and now has to send the false accusations that started this blog as an attempt to cover up the one fact that will soon be obvious.

    Fact: Kevin could not perform the duties necessary to host the event and rather than admit he took on more than he can handle he will try to tell the world otherwise. Ask the fighters that saw his email trying to justify how its about me and a gym that has nothing to do with the event. The only relation between the gym and the event is that I included the deal into the gym as courtesy and loyality to Oliver, when the gym was struggling in a world recession! So you still want to maintain I stole all the money and in return I gave Oliver an exclusive deal with COD that if he handled properly could have been worth far more!

    Betta please have a wonderful day, and please have the HK police contact me as I have my number and email working and have not gotten any notice. Would you prefer I call them and tell them that you requested I do so?

  15. Betta,

    Are you there, your silence to the above suggests you accept the abovementioned as true. Btw you may ask Ramazon another fighter in the cancelled event if we were kit planning to go to Kontact to get the client list so that Damien could contact all the members and try to place them in another gym. I wanted to negotiate with surrounding gyms the possibility of taking these members for 6 months free as a group in consideration to the number and no commision would be collected. Other than try and blame Damien for everything, what have you done for the victims of a poor decision? You have hundreds of members and did you not think to contact them and offer any solutions. You want me to negotiate memberships for them? or you prefer to keep pointing fingers and posting lies. Please contact Ramazon and ask him if we did not discuss going to Hong Kong and decided not to go because of the obvious fact you probably would have claimed we stole the list and made millions selling it!

  16. what ever…. between the dwarf and the Egg head.. the IQ is not very high and bottom line they owe a lot of money to members and they both have their responsibility in this story. But again what to expect from such level of stupidity..poor Roche i hope he does not come back to HK..at least we got rid of an asshole and the dwarf can carry on talking to horses..that’s about the level of conversation that he can manage

  17. mr roche, i was an outside accountant and was only brought in after 2 other local accountants saw what you had been doing, for over 2 years. stealing company money in hong kong is a serious crime. as a kontact director you had responsabilities to live up to. you signed papers on behalf of kontact and you outright lied to many people. i have seen the proof. the hong kong police dont call, they just grab you when you come back. as you ran away, they will just wait for you. as for kevin don or anymore taking over after your screw up’s, it was not possible. tell you what i will do. i will contact the scmp again and give them the signed swarn affidavid from mr delouze which tells the last 2 and a half years of the kontact accounts and how you stole the money going in the accounts. most of the 12 million was money you took from mr delouze under false pretenses. you need to pay this or that. you had this deal or that deal. guess what, the books show one thing only, you are a theif. let the hk public decide the truth, since you continue to put up a smoke screen. the best part of your explanation is that you were going to talk to other gyms on behalf of your kontact clients. if you had ran the gym properly and not been on the take, you wouldnt have had to do this. and why would i want to talk to ramazon the man who is hiding you in bangkok ? mr roche you are a thief. city of dreams knows it, the hk police know it, your former clients in hong kong know it, and now spike tv in new york knows it. just incase you think you still have a tv deal with them at their miami office we have sent them some documents about you so they cna save face and avoid getting involved with a crook. we checked out some things when you were in miami and it turns out your girlfriend had some business in miami at the same that you were there doign your ‘supposed’ deal with spike tv who do not have an office there. good bye mr roche. i am officially done with you and your con game and your lies to try and make yourself look innocent. come back to hk and we can talk then. when you get out of jail.

  18. fitness fanatic is the girlfriend of mr roche.he took her to miami first class to meet with spike tv, while she was at a aerobics seminar.

  19. spike tv does not have an office in miami. i wonder what roche did in miami while his gf was busy.maybe he spend some of mr delouze hard earn jockey winnings!

  20. Betta,

    it seems that you are a very smart accountant. So you want to tell me that I stole the 12 Million HKD which Olivier had invested over the past 2 years. So if he put the money and I stole it and spending it in Bangkok now, how could we pay for rent, trainers, electricity, equipment etc over the last 24 months. If you can prove that everyone was working without salaries and that we never paid rent and spend money for the Gym, you should win a prize for the smartest accountant in the world.

    Looking forward to see your books and discuss this with our lawyers…

  21. Roche get lost u are useless and start to pay back members for the money YOU TOOK FROM them, u are a thief and all your family in France will know about it as well as the Martial Art federation. you are as stupid as you look..

  22. fitness fanatic looks like Roche a Egg head with nohing inside, she is not even pretty

  23. by the way betta, look at this company..Rdbudo Sport and Fitness Ltd….very interesting, i will sure that it is part of the investigation

  24. How about Kontact does something constructive for members who prepaid dozens of PT sessions and puts them in touch with alternate gym(s) that will look after them to some extent? I don’t care about the reasons for the insolvency, but where is the decency to at least look after a group of loyal members?

    This lack of effort in itself defines the manner in which the gym was run. The trainers were great but no doubt they have been burnt the most. Where are the owners in at least trying to salvage some form of respectability?

    No matter how the money went missing, the business should be doing more for people it owes money to. At the moment, this is a complete joke. Mr Doleuze, where are you?

  25. Roche Damien is the shame of the martial art industry , he stole so much money from ; Oliver Delouse, took money from COD ,Took cash from the company, didnt even pay his trainers and rents etc…/ but traveling in first class(nearly 90000hkd )to miami with his Girl Friend in the company expense while employees are not pay.
    the show probably goes canceled coz he run away with the money and delouse couldnt put more money as he loss so much already.
    he got fired for sure but the next step is prosecution coz he need to pay back
    the police should check all his bank accounts esp thoses in France and transactions history ! his Gf has to be interviewed by police too.
    he is hiding in Thailand and trying to put the blame on Oliver and don , but people know him well already . when i was his client he tried sometimes to steal my pt’s sessions saying that im overdue when i was not to make me pay another package .
    im in paris right now and following closely this situation from HK, if i will make sure to inform the community about him.

    thanks for mmarising for helping to clean up the MMA World with bastards like him.

  26. Betta,

    You still have yet to deny EB offered to cover the event and Oliver and Kevin still opted to cancel. More importantly why did Oliver blatantly lie and claim COD cancelled? Doesn’t matter now but I am still willing to approach other gyms and negotiate relocating them, what are you offering other than exuses? Perhaps try and do something beneficial to the members you closed the gym on. Please tell everyone that you had to close the gym, versus choosing to bankrupt. It was a choice that took one week to decide without even consulting your members. But again this is a separate issue in itself and sm

  27. And does not change the fact that Oliver and Kevin cancelled the event even though they were offered money and help by my company. Then they blatantly lied by claiming COD decided to cancel. They walked away from an agreement that had much value going forward and did the same with the gym. Please explain why they had to close the gym versus restructing debt and trying something before closing the gym and walking away. Even if your claims are true why break the COD deal? If you care about your clients why are you not trying to relocate them. If you have any business sense can you not place 600 paying members in a package deal? That would require a little more effort than posting unsubstantiated claims. Btw are you telling me HK police do not call suspects or wanted people to inform them. How does one ever know they are wanted for questioning without communication?

  28. Hi, I was a fighter scheduled for this event.
    We arrived in HK the sunday prior the show, we saw Damien and discuss about the upcoming show and the next one planned for January, everything looks OK and ready to go… Monday in the evening, damien was fired from his position by Oliver. The next day, Oliver and Kevin say that the gym and the event still go on but wednesday they cancelled the show and decide to close the gym… I just see Oliver the tuesday but no more after… Kontact gym left fighters alone in town, some without return flights and/or hotel rooms, really unprofessional… Everybody ask Damien for that but I was fired monday and not a part anymore of the company when all the troubles coming…
    I don’t know ,and don’t be really concerned, by the gym story but about the event, I just know that the show was cancelled by Oliver and Kevin AFTER than Damien was fired from the company. Same thing about the fighters/cornermen situation without flights/rooms.
    Kontact ask me to come and fight in Macau, I don’t care who was the boss but they have to take care of the fighters, etc. and they didin’t… I fought two times before for Kontact under Damien and all was OK: rooms in HK & Macau, flights, purse, etc. This time, he was out of the company and it was a nightmare…
    It’s my opinion and vision like fighter and about the show…

  29. Thats how the police act you dumbass. the element of surprise. they dont call you and say please come see us and bring your bank statements with you. they wait for you to come back to hk and they grab you.mr roche did not have 600 paying customers.and the event only had 11 tickets sold.contact sonny from cod and ask himk his thoughts on roche.you wont believe what he has to sayays about roche.not very nice at all.

  30. So ticket sales were weak and that is why you cancelled the event? Seems that they were not sure you could sell enough tickets to cover so they opted to bail! Now is it possible that most of the tickets would be sold that week especially if hosted at a casino. So once again you allude to the truth. Oliver in a panic decided to cancel because neither he or Kevin had the confidence to host the event. I was asked by COD not to say anything but so long as you are mentioning it first I have no problem commenting. So here is another fact for you to deny. Oliver and Kevin needed to sell tickets and when they realized this and had no experince or conections they walked away. I am not claiming this is the only reason as I know some other facts. Everyone wants to take credit and be the promoter, but are they willing to do the work! Please deny that Oliver and Kevin were overwhelmed with the task and bailed. Please deny that being quitters is why they abruptly closed the gym without pursuing options. Now please send me a contact number at the police so I can verify what you say. If Damien is a wanted man I will be the first to convince him to return to HK. However, if you want to maintain that they only trick people to turn themselves in then please inform them you exposed this plan on a website and they should call him and perhaps be honest. That’s all anyone wants now is the truth! The truth is you are completely clueless about many things and have no problems being the spokesperson for COD and Hong Kong police and yet they say or do nothing to support your claims. As for Spike Tv they usually are approached by the producers and maybe Damien met a producer! Maybe he was vacationing in Miami on coach fares and had another business meeting. Who cares because again where were the accountants the last 2 years when all this was happening. Guess what even if it was true are you expecting ne to believe you had such a contract to prevent excess spending, but never employed anyone to watch the spending? Again just separate the event and gym and admit that Oliver and Kevin cancelled the show because they were overwhelmed. Despite offers from my company including money to cover they still opted to cancel. Instead of being honest with us, they lied and claimed COD cancelled. When will these facts be addressed? Why have you nothing to say to argue these facts? Telling me only 11 tickets were sold doesn’t justify cancelling the event. Even if a single ticket wasn’t sold the week before you don’t cancel, you go out and sell. Show must go on! No matter what excuses you use the truth remains Oliver and Kevin cancelled the show and left the fighters stranded. I was informed of many things during my hour meeting with COD. Bottom line the event did not have to be cancelled.

  31. This guy stole me 3000 euros when I was client, Why should I trust him about 13 millions HKD…
    He always wanted cash, Now I know why.
    This guy is a liar, with absolutly no scrupules…
    He s a shame for all french, all Boxer, and martial artist.

    I can tell you that everybody think the same after knowing him : He looks nice and gentle but he s very tricky and dangerous.
    I am not the only one he stole and I can also say he used to employed people with no contract, and paid them under-table…
    Boxer, frontdesk…..

    I hope police or triad will catch him and kick his ass

  32. you are not very smart mr fishman so i will try to explain it in a simple way, just for you.
    roche did not pay anyone to promote the fight. no hotels were paid. only deposits were paid for the plane tickets. tv people were not paid and publik relations for press were owed money too.they all dealt with roche specifically and they all got burnt. just like cod.
    olivier and kevin tried to save the project after 2 of his accountantas noticed the books had been palyed with for 2 years.rochem has asked for more money from olivier and thats why the accountants were sent in. to see what the hell was going on.roche thought they were to give him more money.then when they saw that 7 days before the event only 11 tickets had been sold. that means nobody will show up. cod didnt want that. maybe you are not aware but they have a water show attraction and that is costing them a fortune to put on. bad press with their events is not good. showing the other casinos that one of the cod events did poorly looks bad for them. so yes they did call off the show. and they have spoken to the police. and they did blame the show falling apart on roche.and guess what, the money for the 11 tivkets could not be accounted for as well at kontact.petty cash box was empty, the the dynamix account in the red.roche didnt go to miami on coach, he went first class, on olivier, without oliviers knowledge.roche was trusted to run kontact and not steal from the accounts, that why he got away with it for over 2 years. but that is oliviers fault to have trusted him. so many people told olivier what was going on and what roche was up to, but he liked having a mug like roche in charge. you see roche and olivier used kontact to launder money earned from fixed races that olivier had rigged. this is another reason roche took advantage of olivier, and this is why the hk police are waiting for him to come back to hk.there is no trick or game being played with roche by the hk police. they dont call suspects mr fishman. if they did, they wouldnt need red and blue lights on the top of police cars. when someone runs, they dont get on a plane unless its for a murder or drug charges. roche is definately wanted in hk but if he comes back he will find this out. olivier is wanted too but he is wanted for questioning regarding money laundering. roche is wanted for fraud, theft and a few other charges related to how he ran kontact and where the money went and members want reimbursed or they want him in jail.go to the lands tribunal and search roches previous kontact landlords. they have filed for him to pay them back what he owes in outstanding rents at both kontact locations. ask previous trainers at kontac what he owes them. call wong kee at jab and see how many kontact members are going to him complaining about roche and asking for membership deals . call previous kontact members and ask them about how roche operated and always tried to get sessions paid well in advance and then double booked himself for training sessions. he was not even trusted by his own members and everyone on the street knew this. as for spike tv and the roche reality tv show. the reality is, there was no that has just lost 600,000 and the to the people being asked to put in more money that roche had already been given, the show couldnt go on. bad press spreads quicker and further than positive press. bottom line, the event could only be cancelled.olivier and kevin did the smarest thibng they could. disassociation wit the event and roche due to roche treating the kontact bank accounts like his own personal trust fund.yes yes yes, please convince roche to come back to hong kong to face what he has done. he will get a free ride from hong kong airport to central police station if he does.

  33. “you see roche and olivier used kontact to launder money earned from fixed races that olivier had rigged”

    Damn Betta, if you really are OlivierĀ“s accountant I have to congratulate you on putting your bosses ass on the line with this one…

  34. Over to you City of (wet) Dreams; but I’ll say they’ll be tightlipped until summoned to a court of law where, it seems, this whole sorry mess belongs. Shame to see names dragged through the mud like this, but efforts to promote professional MMA will tarnished for a long time yet. The sport is the over victim here. Hardly surprising only 11 tickets apparently sold if they’re at HK$1,800 and HK$1,200 and aimed at highrolling bankers etc. The well-to-do I know just sneered at those prices

  35. All fecking dodgy.

  36. just spoke to hong kong inland revenues today.mr roche has more troubles when he come back to hong kong.his company and him personally not pay hong kong taxes. no record for him ever pay. now he have hong kong inland revenue, hong kong criminal investigative police, city of dreams lawyers and the kontact members looking for him. you people still think this guy coming back to hong kong? he be a coward and want everyone forgettint this mess so he not come back.he maybe telling people he comes back but he dont dare.he know pretty boy with bullshitting talk dont doing good in jail.

  37. One word : DODGY

  38. read this sunday edition of the scmp people.you wont believe what else we find out about mr roche yesterday.we have hand over the evidence to some journalist last night and today they call to say they will go with story this sunday.this roche is a crook from almost the first day he open kontact at lkf tower.we got the proof now and you can read it in the paper sunday.mr roche please come back to hong kong.we found some more people that need to talk to you.in private!

  39. So Betta, since you are with Oliver, can the fighters contact you in order to get what is theirs?
    A lot of people have a lot to be paied for this show and if Oliver is really in the right he should step up and take care of the people that went all the way to Macau to perform at his show.

  40. Betta,

    For the record my dealings with Mr. Roche were limited to what he told me and what COD told me. So now according to you , COD completely lied to me when I was in the office that day? I am actually a race horse doctor by profession and commented in the meeting that for a jockey to have that much money to be investing was quite suspicious, but I would never accuse someone of race fixing without proof. So now you confirm this by telling me that all along Roche and Oliver were laundering money from race fixing. So now you tell everyone this because? You realize that you are publically challenging the integrity of the Jockey Club. I would agree Oliver’s money holdings were suspicious and did comment on that, but to accuse and suggest race fixing is quite bold on your part. Either way you accomplished what you sought, so congradulations on your destroying Roche’s reputation. As my involvement was the show and a potential reality show it really doesn’t affect me in the end. You are obviously a brave women to publically speak on behald of COD and the Jockey Club. As for convincing Roche to return to HK, I am back in Florida now and last I heard was he was going to have an interview. Perhaps that changed, but again I ask you one last time to provide a number or contact that can verify anything you post.

  41. Was there an article in the SCMP today?

  42. Me and my friend both called the Kontact number last week, someone called Damien answered the phone and gave me the address of the new gym, seems he was in hk after all. Interesting !!!!

  43. actually I think we both called Kontact about 2 weeks ago, not 1 week ago

  44. mr roche is not in hong kong and has not been back since running away. his mobile number *(Removed)* is not in use. yes there was a small story in the scmp last sunday about old kontact members filing a formal case with the hk police against a damien roche.we found out from 3 sources that roche is planning on moving to florida very soon.i am now preparing a letter to the usa immigration informing them of roche actions in hk and his deceit and embezzlement case.i have printed the scmp stories and will included them in my letter to the usa authorities.

  45. Please do not post other people’s phone numbers publicly here. Whether Damien is guilty of all of this or not, publicly posting any of his contact information doesn’t help the situation at all.