Chael Sonnen Tests Positive For Steroids, Will AppealAfter reportedly testing positive for steroids following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson “The Spider” Silva, middleweight contender Chael Sonnen’s team has broken its silence and intends to file an appeal with the California State Athletic Commission. first reported the news today.

Earlier this week, reported that Sonnen had been flagged for an unidentified “steroid substance” and subsequent reports from’s Josh Gross have noted that Sonnen commented in advance that he may fail the UFC 117 drug test. Sonnen faces a one-year suspension and a fine.

Information regarding Sonnen’s positive test was initially contradictory from multiple news outlets, as it was first reported that the steroid in question was a “natural steroid.” Within hours, it was clarified that the steroid, which has yet to be identified, was not a naturally occurring substance. According to CSAC Executive Officer George Dodd, Sonnen was flagged for “abnormally high levels of testosterone.”

Sonnen (25-11-1) made headlines by calling out anyone and everyone leading up to his much-hyped bout with Silva, which he dominated for four and a half rounds before falling victim to a triangle armbar from the Brazilian. Among Sonnen’s targets was Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has also come under fire for steroid use accusations but has never tested positive. Armstrong has battled cancer and Sonnen at one point suggested that Armstrong had “given himself cancer” by using performance-enhancing drugs.

According to’s Josh Gross, Sonnen was aware of the possibility that he could test positive for a banned substance prior to the UFC 117 testings and reportedly informed CSAC officials in attendance of his concerns. However, he did not specify a reason for why he may fail the test and the exact nature of what Sonnen allegedly tested positive for has not yet been revealed.

Sonnen was scheduled to rematch Silva in a bout rumoured for January or early February 2011, but the fight could be cancelled depending on the status of Sonnen’s appeal. He currently faces a mandatory one-year suspension and a fine in the amount of $2500, but his appeal could be heard at the next CSAC meeting on December 2nd in Sacramento. If Sonnen appeals and is successful, the bout with Silva could still proceed as planned, but the scandal appears to have tarnished Sonnen’s career.

At UFC 117, Sonnen put on the performance of his career and was mere minutes away from capturing the UFC Middleweight Championship before falling victim to the submission in the latter half of round five. He won over fans with both his affinity to pre-fight trash talking and for his performance inside the cage. However, the near-win could be all for naught if Sonnen is unable to prove his innocence and is forced to sit on the sidelines for one year.



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