GirlFight Global Forms Big Plans For Women's MMAA new all-female mixed martial arts promotion has emerged in the United States. GirlFight Global, based in Boston, Massachusetts, has formed big plans for MMA’s women’s division and intends to hold its first event in the coming months. That event is targeted for Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The promotion is also planning to hold an eight-woman tournament at 125 pounds next year, which will feature many of the top female fighters in the division from all over the world. A fight between top star Tara LaRosa and former Smackgirl champ Takayo Hashi is already in the works.

Founded by CEO Curtis McMillan, GirlFight Global is designed to provide female fighters with a platform to compete in front of large audiences against the best competition in the division. McMillan, along with business partner John Ippolito and others, has lofty goals for women’s MMA and maintains a plan to bring the female division to the forefront of the sport. McMillan and Ippolito, the founder of The Sports International Group of Companies, previously worked together in successfully promoting concerts. The two have now shifted their focus to women’s MMA; something which both see great potential in.

McMillan, himself, was once of the belief that there weren’t enough top female fighters to promote the division in a way that developed prospects into stars and established veterans into household names. However, after speaking with female mixed martial artists and identifying areas where women’s MMA has not been properly promoted, McMillan now feels that elite female fighters deserve to be recognised and acknowledged for their skills and accomplishments in the same manner that MMA’s top male fighters already are. This belief led to the formation of GirlFight Global.

While McMillan understands that men’s fights will always serve as the core component of the sport of MMA, he aims to transform female fights from afterthoughts or mismatched sideshows into high-level competitions between the best female fighters available. His promotion has opted to focus its initial efforts on the highly underrated 125-pound division; a weight class which has thus far gone relatively unnoticed in North America despite a wealth of worldwide talent.

Though names cannot be released until contracts are signed, has learned that GFG has plans to feature many of the top-ranked female fighters in the 125-pound division, including those from MMA meccas such as Brazil, Japan and Europe.

McMillan was able to speak on the record about plans involving some fighters, however, including the planned bout between LaRosa and Hashi. That fight could take place at a targeted event in Austin, Texas next year. Veteran 135-pound contender Tonya Evinger is also slated to be a part of the event, though plans remain in the early stages. McMillan also promises a “huge surprise” for the Austin card, but could not discuss specific details until a contract is officially signed.

In addition, GirlFight Global has plans to showcase an eight-woman, 125-pound tournament at some point in 2011. Exact dates and format have yet to be established, but the company believes that the competition will feature most or all of the top fighters in the division who are not signed with other promotions. Names of tournament participants will be released in the coming weeks and months as details fall into place and deals are secured.

Likewise, details of a prospective television deal will be announced once contracts are signed.

Presently, McMillan and his partners are focused on putting together the company’s inaugural event, which is targeted for November or December of this year, or possibly early in 2011. This card will most likely take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey and GFG representatives have confirmed plans to feature Michelle Ould in one of the night’s bouts. However, as with all new promotions, licensing and regulatory requirements must first be met and GFG is currently working through the often lengthy process.

While plans remain tentative and in early stages, GirlFight Global is focused on bringing women’s MMA to the forefront of the sport. The promotion will do so by providing many of the top female fighters with an outlet to compete against the best opposition in their divisions. With other promotions also giving more opportunities to female fighters, women’s MMA appears to have a bright future in 2011.


  1. Thanks Robert, great interview.

  2. Love women in MMA wish the UFC would jump on!

  3. The only way ufc or more like wec would do a women’s division, which is more than likely only one weight division, groups like girl fight must be successful. and they don’t need to be majorly successful like the ufc. all they need to do is be on tv or ppv, and stay alive doing shows enough throughout every year will be all the success they need. by all means more success than that would be cool too.

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