Erin Toughill Withdraws From Martial Combat 9 Fight In SingaporeJust two days before she was scheduled to face China’s Bao Yu Dan, Erin “Steel” Toughill has withdrawn from Martial Combat 9 in Singapore. Toughill cited a broken clavicle as the reason for pulling out of the 155-pound fight, which has now been scrapped from the card entirely.

The development is the latest in a series of fight cancellations and disputes that Toughill has been involved in since signing with Strikeforce in 2009. She was thrice scheduled to compete for Strikeforce, but fights failed to come to fruition on each occasion and the injury is yet another setback.

Toughill (10-2-1 MMA; 8-2-1, 1 NC Boxing) has faced considerable criticism in recent months for taking shots at other fighters over a variety of reasons. Toughill, herself, has repeatedly chastised fellow female fighters for missing weight or for taking “easy” fights against unknown fighters, but issues with her own weight forced Toughill out of a planned August 21st bout with Shana “Rock Solid” Olsen at Strikeforce: “Houston.” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker subsequently told that Toughill would remain in the title mix, but would first have to secure a victory outside of the promotion.

In Dan (3-0-0), Toughill would have faced an unknown but unbeaten opponent in what was scheduled to be a 155-pound bout. Toughill’s issues with cutting down to 145 to compete in Strikeforce would not have come into play in the Martial Combat fight, but those awaiting Toughill’s return to action will be forced to wait yet again. As there are only two days remaining until the fight was scheduled to take place, it has been scrapped from the card entirely and Dan will no longer compete. Martial Combat will still hold its ninth and tenth events on September 15th and 16th, respectively.

Both events take place at the Compass Ballroom at Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre in Sentosa, Singapore. UFC, PRIDE and DREAM veterans will compete on the cards.

Where Toughill’s career goes from here remains to be seen, but after a full calendar year of fight cancellations due to injuries, disputes and issues with weight, her future is very much uncertain. A timetable for Toughill’s recovery from the reported injury is unknown.



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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if she missed weight again, and this clavicle injury stuff wasn’t just another excuse not to ridicule her more…

    Anyways, hope she gets better soon. I don’t think we will ever see Erin fight again.

  3. I’ve always loved and supported Erin Toughill but this is the last straw. This was predictable. Either she saw her opponent and got scared or she simply doesn’t have a fight in her. She is done as a pro.

  4. I found this statement by Erin in another forum, right after her close victory with Emily Thompson:

    “Why would I take a fight with someone; Gina Carano, Marloes Coneon, any top female fighter, @ 20 pounds BELOW what I normally fight before seeing how I fair with a “lesser” opponent at the same weight? Anyone who does not understand that would be an idiot”.

    This shows she is insecure about her performance at 145 lbs, in my opinion, and why she has been avoiding to fight others so much. She is the one who started with this “tune-up” fight thing , because she needs to gain confidence… otherwise, why not go directly to the title shot?

  5. her close victory ***over*** Emily Thompson