Lisa Ward Defeats Aisling Daly At Bellator 26After three years of waiting, submission ace Lisa Ward has finally earned her rematch with women’s pound-for-pound queen Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii. Ward defeated the previously unbeaten Aisling “Ais The Bash” Daly tonight at Bellator 26 and will now face Fujii at Bellator 29 in three weeks.

Ward stifled Daly’s offence by repeatedly taking the fight to the ground with impressive judo throws. She threatened with punches and submissions on the ground, but a very game Daly survived to a decision. With the dominant victory, Ward advances on in the Bellator 115-pound women’s tournament.


Daly opened the fight with a quick combination, but Ward clinched. Both fighters landed knees to the body and Ward used the first of many judo throws to take the fight to the mat. She worked from the top in Daly’s half-guard, but Daly held on and defended well in preventing Ward from passing to mount. Ward threw punches to the body and looked to set up a guillotine choke from the top. She postured up and landed punches, then moved to mount and rained down hard shots that forced Daly to scramble. Daly weathered the storm and regained half-guard, but Ward attempted another guillotine and landed more punches in the final minute. Dominant 10-9 round for Ward.

The second round immediately went to the ground after another impressive throw from Ward. Daly scrambled back to her feet and clinched, then landed a hard knee to the body. Ward backed away, then landed a Superman Punch and a knee. She threw Daly to the mat again and worked from the top. Daly reversed and wound up on top in Ward’s half-guard. Ward prevented her from doing anything and eventually scrambled out. The fighters moved to North-South position and Daly struck from the top as Ward attempted inverted scissor and triangle chokes from her back. Daly escaped to side-control. Ward stood and landed hammerfists as Daly took her down at the bell. Close round. 10-9 Ward.

Round three predictably began with a judo throw from Ward and she once again resumed her ground assault from the top. Ward landed punches to the head and body, then took Daly’s back and worked for a rear-naked choke. Daly defended well, but was unable to shake free and Ward maintained back control. Ward briefly spun into Daly’s half-guard, then took her back a second time. The final minute saw Ward attempt a series of rear-naked chokes and she switched to punches to the sides of Daly’s head before the bell. Another dominant 10-9 round for Ward.

Winner: Lisa Ward by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds. She improves to 14-5-0 and advances on in the Bellator 115-pound women’s tournament.


With the victory, Ward will move on to rematch Fujii at Bellator 29 on September 16th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The second women’s semi-final bout, pitting talented striker Zoila “The Warrior Princess” Frausto against American Top Team standout Jessica “Jag” Aguilar, is also expected to take place on the Bellator 29 card. However, the fight may be delayed due to a foot injury suffered by Frausto in her first-round matchup with Jessica Pene last week.



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