Jewels: "Eighth Ring" ResultsJewels showcased many of its top talents today in five MMA bouts at “Eighth Ring” in Tokyo, Japan. The event was headlined by a victory for Jewels postergirl Saori “Shooting Star” Ishioka, who dispatched of Mai Ichii with a second-round armbar. In the co-main event, rising featherweight star Hiroko Yamanaka decisioned Atsuko “Bullfight Sora” Emoto.

The upset of the evening came in a 114-pound bout between the previously winless Celine Haga and 2009 Rough Stone Grand Prix Champion Mika “Future Princess” Nagano, who was reduced to tears in defeat.


Saori “Shooting Star” Ishioka vs Mai Ichii

Both fighters came out swinging in the opening round and Ishioka connected with solid right hands while sidestepping counters from Ichii. Leg kicks followed for Ishioka, who employed a hit-and-move strategy to avoid Ichii’s right hooks. Ishioka scored with knees from a Thai clinch and took the fight to the ground soon after. She worked from the top to set up an armbar, but Ichii defended well and Ishioka was unable to secure the hold.

The second round opened with a clinch and Ichii landed some solid shots in close before Ishioka circled away. She took Ichii down and passed guard, then moved to mount. Ichii tried to escape, but Ishioka maintained her balance and spun into an armbar. Ichii tried to hold on, but was forced to submit.

Winner: Saori Ishioka by Submission (Armbar) at 2:41 of round two. She improves to 9-4-0.


Following the main event, a new Jewels tournament was announced and will begin at Jewels: “Ninth Ring” on July 31st. The eight-woman bracket will feature five Japanese competitors, one American and two representatives from other countries. Ishioka and South Korea’s Seo Hee Ham are both likely to participate, while Mika Nagano may no longer compete after her loss to Celine Haga.


Hiroko Yamanaka vs Atsuko “Bullfight Sora” Emoto

Yamanaka scored with punches to the head and body early on, then followed with a kick and knees. She secured a Thai clinch and landed more knees as Emoto tried to pull guard. Yamanaka stood and Emoto latched onto her ankle. She tried to set up an ankle lock, but Yamanaka spun out. Back on the feet, Yamanaka controlled the remainder of the round with more punches and knees that kept Emoto on the defensive.

The second round saw Yamanaka batter Emoto with a one-two and an uppercut early on and she kept the pressure on with hard strikes. Emoto tried to clinch, but Yamanaka kept her at bay and scored with more punching combinations. Emoto fired back with leg kicks and Yamanaka answered with some of her own. Yamanaka continued to overwhelm Emoto with superior striking in the final minute.

Winner: Hiroko Yamanaka by Unanimous Decision after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 9-1-1.


Following the fight, Emoto announced her retirement from MMA.


Celine Haga vs Mika “Future Princess” Nagano

Haga scored with punches early on and took Nagano down. Nagano scrambled to her knees and tried to reverse, but Haga spun free and the fight returned to the feet. Haga continued to outstrike Nagano and landed knees and punches, then took her down again. She passed Nagano’s guard and worked from the top, but could not secure a submission before the bell.

Nagano punched her way into a clinch in the second round and tried for a takedown, but wound up on her back. Haga threw punches to the body from Nagano’s guard and moved to mount. She threw more punches to the body as Nagano tried to buck to escape. Nagano managed to work back to rubber guard and attempted an armbar from the bottom, but Haga escaped and maintained top position. Nagano was in tears even before the fight ended.

Winner: Celine Haga by Unanimous Decision after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 1-4-0.


Miyo Yoshida vs Yuko Kagoshima

Yoshida scored with a nice right hand early in the fight and followed with leg kicks and a knee. The fighters clinched, but were soon separated and both threw right hands at the same time. Yoshida floored Kagoshima with a right uppercut, but Kagoshima managed to get back to her feet in the corner. Yoshida unloaded with punches and the referee stopped the fight.

Winner: Miyo Yoshida by TKO (Punches) at 3:30 of round one. She improves to 1-1-0.


Yuko “Amiba” Oya vs Harumi

An exchange of punches opened the fight and Oya eventually took Harumi to the mat. Harumi tried for a guillotine choke, but Oya evaded and used the opportunity to move to side-control. Oya passed directly to mount and Harumi defended. She attempted another guillotine choke from the bottom, but Oya quickly spun into an armbar and Harumi was forced to submit.

Winner: Yuko Oya by Submission (Armbar) at 3:45 of round one. She improves to 4-1-0.


On a night where top Jewels stars Saori Ishioka and Hiroko Yamanaka both picked up victories, the road was much more difficult for Mika Nagano, who suffered a crushing defeat that may impact her participation in the upcoming Jewels tournament in July.


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  2. Congratulations to Celine Haga! Funny enough, I never heard of Celine except for the fact that I saw a photo of her with Roxanne Modaferri, plus they showcased a BJJ move on a youtube video that I featured on my blog. What a small world!

    Great job on the blow by blow report too! I posted a link to this post on ballhype dotcom. Check it out!

    I started a new facebook fan page – I think you’d like it – “Online, if a button says submit, I won’t tap it…am I watching too much UFC?” lol!

    copy and paste the title and you’ll find your way there 😀

    I love that you’re supporting women’s mma.