KOTC: "Honor" Live Play-By-Play & ResultsKing of the Cage returned to HDNet tonight with another championship-filled card at KOTC: “Honor.” The solid event was headlined by a KOTC Light Heavyweight Championship bout between former two-division champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez and hard-hitting challenger Mike “MAK” Kyle.

In other title fight action, Angelo Sanchez rematched Donald Sanchez for the KOTC Bantamweight Championship, while “The Silent Assassin” Abel Cullum defended the KOTC Flyweight Championship against Josh Montoya. MMARising.com has live play-by-play for the event.


KOTC Light Heavyweight Championship

Mike “MAK” Kyle vs Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez

Round 1:
Lopez landed a nice kick that buckled Kyle’s leg, but Kyle backed him up with a counter right hand. Another hard kick landed for Lopez and he surprisingly began to taunt Kyle. Lopez walked forward with his hands down and threw another kick. Kyle kept his distance and answered with kicks of his own. A one-two landed for Lopez and he briefly dropped Kyle with a left hook.

Kyle immediately recovered and got to his feet. He scored with a right hook as Lopez refused to keep his hands up. Kyle threw leg kicks and targeted the body with jabs. Both landed inside leg kicks and Kyle stayed on the outside. He threw a hard kick to the body and the fighters exchanged punches in a brief exchange. Lopez threw one more kick before the bell. The crowd booed the inaction. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 2:
Kyle connected with quick punches in the opening seconds of round two, but the crowd quickly began to boo again as he circled on the outside. A brief exchange followed and Kyle backed Lopez up with a one-two. Lopez preferred to throw single kicks while Kyle tried to put together combinations. A one-two and a head kick from Lopez elicited a smile from Kyle.

The action picked up as the fighters traded power punches, but quickly returned to a battle of single leg kicks. Three big punches scored for Kyle and Lopez stuck to his strategy of kicks. Kyle caught a kick and slammed Lopez to the mat, but Lopez got right back to his feet. A left hook to the liver and a big right hand closed out the round for Kyle. 10-9 Kyle.

Round 3:
Both fighters opened the third round with stiff jabs and Kyle threw a combination to the body. He used a quick flurry to get in close, then clinched and took Lopez’s back briefly. Lopez spun free and was cracked by a right hook. More punches scored for Kyle and he began to mix in leg kicks. A liver shot and a right hook backed Lopez up again as Kyle began to take control. Kyle landed two more punches and Lopez flailed wildly with his hand.

Kyle landed a right hook to the body, then a three-punch flurry to the face and Lopez answered with a kick to the ribs. Lopez tried for a one-two, but missed and was unsuccessful with a follow-up head kick. Referee Cecil Peoples implored the fighters to increase the action. A right hook and a jab landed for Kyle and Lopez missed with two more head kicks. Kyle landed punches before the bell. 10-9 Kyle.

Round 4:
Jabs and a leg kick landed for Kyle in the fourth round and he stuffed a takedown. A big right hook rocked Lopez, but he regained his footing. Kyle continued to score with single leg kicks and jabs. Lopez appeared to have little interest in being in the fight as he stood still and allowed Kyle to hit him at will. Time was called after a kick strayed low from Lopez. The fight continued and both fighters landed jabs.

Lopez put together a weak combination of punches and a kick. Kyle caught a kick and clinched, then tried for a takedown. Lopez defended with hammerfists and wound up in Kyle’s half-guard. Kyle managed to regain guard as Lopez peppered him with short punches. More punches and elbows followed until referee Cecil Peoples stood the fighters up for no reason. The round ended seconds later. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 5:
The final round began with an exchange of jabs and leg kicks. Lopez threw a lead right hook and Kyle answered with a left. More jabs followed and Kyle landed a nice right hand. Lopez replied with quick punches, but most missed the mark. A head kick also missed for Lopez and Kyle drilled him with a left hook. Lopez tried to set up a combination and ate a jab.

The pace began to pick up as both fighters landed punches in an exchange and Kyle snapped Lopez’s head back with a right. Another combination backed Lopez up and Kyle once again began to take control of the striking. Lopez appeared to have nothing left and half-heartedly threw a punch. Kyle circled away and caught a kick. He clinched and landed knees, then took Lopez down. 10-9 Kyle.

Winner: Mike Kyle by Split Decision (49-46, 48-47, 47-48) after five rounds. He improves to 16-7-1 and becomes the new KOTC Light Heavyweight Champion.


Nick “Afrozilla” Gaston vs Darrill “The Boss” Schoonover

Round 1:
Gaston scored with two body kicks and a flurry of punches in the first round, then clinched against the cage. The fighters traded knees to the body and Gaston landed two elbows over the top. He backed away and both fighters landed kicks to the body. A one-two found the mark for Gaston, but the action slowed. Gaston jabbed and Schoonover countered with a leg kick. Gaston drilled him with a head kick and a flying knee.

Schoonover fell and Gaston moved right to mount. Schoonover used the cage to escape and get to his feet, but Gaston kept the pressure on. A kick strayed low and Schoonover was given time to recover. The fight resumed and Schoonover landed kicks, but Gaston caught one and sent Schoonover to the mat with a counterpunch. Schoonover stood and Gaston threw a kick to the body. 10-9 Gaston.

Round 2:
Gaston landed leg kicks and a one-two in the second round, but Schoonover blasted him with a kick and three power punches. Gaston recovered and clinched. He stomped at Schoonover’s feet and backed away. Gaston kicked to the body and stuffed a takedown. He elbowed the side of Schoonover’s head and worked from Schoonover’s half-guard.

Gaston landed one elbow that opened a massive cut above Schoonover’s left eye. Schoonover began bleeding all over the place as Gaston threw more elbows. The fight continued for a few seconds, but was quickly waved off as Schoonover was a bloody mess. Good win for Gaston, who remains undefeated.

Winner: Nick Gaston by TKO (Cut) at 3:13 of round two. He improves to 4-0-0.


KOTC Flyweight Championship

“The Silent Assassin” Abel Cullum vs Joshua “The Destroya” Montoya

Round 1:
Cullum immediately clinched and took Montoya down. He threw short right hands from side-control, but Montoya battled back to his feet. Cullum worked for another takedown and eventually got it, then took Montoya’s back against the cage. He locked on a rear-naked choke and Montoya, after attempting to escape, was forced to submit. Impressive win for Cullum.

Winner: Abel Cullum by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:38 of round one. He improves to 18-3-0 and remains the KOTC Flyweight Champion.


Non-Title Bout

Quinn Mulhern vs Joey “The Takedown Wizard” Gorczynski

Round 1:
Gorczynski threw kicks to the body to open the fight and Mulhern replied with a three-punch flurry. Mulhern looked to take the fight to the ground, but Gorczynski stayed on his feet. Gorczynski landed a one-two that backed Mulhern up, but he circled to the side and ate a jab from Mulhern. Gorczynski slammed Mulhern down, but Mulhern used a front headlock to get back to his feet. Mulhern landed a big knee in a Thai clinch, but Gorczynski punched free.

Mulhern secured another front headlock and Gorczynski dropped down to the ground. Mulhern tried to take his back, but Gorczynski wound up on top in Mulhern’s guard. Mulhern struck from his back and scrambled back to his feet. A looping left hook landed for Gorczynski, but he was staggered by a counter right hand. Mulhern took partial back control and threw punches until the bell. 10-9 Mulhern.

Round 2:
The fighters clinched against the cage in the second round, but soon broke free and Mulhern stuffed a takedown. He landed a knee from a Thai clinch and Gorczynski dropped down for another takedown attempt. Mulhern took his back and Gorczynski rolled forward. Mulhern threw punches from Gorczynski’s guard and took his back again seconds later. Once more, Gorczynski rolled through to defend.

Gorczynski tried to get back to his feet, but ate a series of knees to the body against the cage. Mulhern kept him down and took Gorczynski’s back again, then landed punches. Mulhern tried to get both hooks to set up a choke, but Gorczynski defended well. Mulhern continued to throw punches and moved to mount. Gorczynski turtled and rolled to his stomach. Mulhern battered him with punches for the remainder of the round. 10-8 Mulhern.

Round 3:
Mulhern looked to land a Superman Punch to start the final round, but settled for a body kick and a quick takedown. He moved to side-control and trapped Gorczynski’s left arm. Mulhern locked on a modified rear-naked choke and Gorczynski quickly tapped out.

Winner: Quinn Mulhern by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 0:53 of round three. He improves to 12-1-0.


KOTC Bantamweight Championship

Donald Sanchez vs Angelo “The San-I Warrior” Sanchez

Round 1:
Angelo opened the fight with a variety of kicks to the legs and body and Donald fired back with a punching combination. Donald ducked under a right hook and backed Angelo up with a flurry. Donald avoided another power punch from Angelo and scored a takedown. The fighters traded elbows on the ground and Donald allowed Angelo to stand. Donald rushed in with a jumping switch knee and took Angelo down again. He landed a right hand and passed to side-control.

Angelo defended and Donald once again allowed him to stand. Donald scored with short uppercuts in close and Angelo circled away. More punches and a body kick found the mark for Donald. Angelo looked to turn the tides with a running combination, but Donald scored a takedown and briefly worked from mount. Angelo regained guard and Donald struck from the top. The fight returned to the feet and Angelo missed with a wild punch. 10-9 Donald Sanchez.

Round 2:
Kicks landed for both fighters in the second round and Donald landed a right hand. Angelo caught a kick and took Donald down, but had to fend off an armbar. Angelo escaped and threw elbows from the top. He isolated both of Donald’s arms in a crucifix and landed more elbows, but Donald scrambled free.

Angelo tried for an armbar and a Kimura, but Donald escaped and worked from the top. Angelo promptly reversed and went back to elbows from Donald’s guard. Donald tried to set up a submission from his back, but Angelo evaded danger and threw more short punches and elbows. Donald replied with hammerfists from his back. 10-9 Angelo Sanchez.

Round 3:
Donald landed a flying knee early in the third round, but Angelo was unfazed. The fighters traded leg kicks and Donald followed with a combination. A lunging lead right hand landed for Angelo, but Donald sent him to the mat with a counterpunch. He worked from Angelo’s half-guard, but Angelo regained guard. Donald stood over Angelo and threw two punches as Angelo looked to roll for a kneebar. A big punch landed to the eye of Angelo and he winced in pain.

Donald moved to half-guard again and looked to isolate Angelo’s right arm for a Kimura. Angelo countered and attempted a triangle choke. Donald battled out and took Angelo’s back. He landed punches and kept Angelo pressed against the cage. Angelo scrambled and got to his feet. He clinched and landed a big knee, but Donald scored a takedown. Donald stood and Angelo kicked at his legs from his back. Donald returned to Angelo’s guard and fought off a tight armbar. Very even fight. 10-9 Donald Sanchez.

Round 4:
Angelo appeared to be fatigued in the fourth round and threw wild punches and a kick. Donald answered with a leg kick and a combination, but Angelo clinched against the cage. Angelo landed a knee to the body and Donald reversed position. Donald landed punches in close and circled away. Angelo landed a glancing haymaker and clinched a second time. He landed knees to the thigh of Donald.

Referee Cecil Peoples separated the fighters and Angelo pushed forward with a spinning backfist that missed. Donald clinched and scored with three big punches. He added another combination seconds later and countered a flying knee by taking Angelo down. Angelo moved for a Kimura from his back, but Donald escaped and landed punches before the bell. Extremely close round. 10-9 Angelo Sanchez, barely.

Round 5:
Angelo clinched early in the final round and pressed Donald up against the cage. Donald punched free with uppercuts and landed a nice counter left jab. Two more hard punches landed for Donald and Angelo clinched again. Donald reversed and took Angelo down. He stood up and Angelo followed. A jumping knee to the body scored for Donald and he cut Angelo below the right eye soon after.

Angelo pushed Donald up to the cage and Donald took him down. Once more, he stood over Angelo and allowed him to get back to his feet. Angelo landed a one-two and took Donald down. From Donald’s half-guard, Angelo fired off punches and elbows. Donald escaped to his feet and landed a knee and a right hand. Another jumping knee landed for Donald and the fighters swung for the fences in the final 15 seconds. 10-9 Donald Sanchez by a very slim margin.

Just as in the pair’s first title fight, this was a razor-thin back-and-forth battle that went to the judges, who were once again split in their verdict. This time, Donald walked away with the victory.

Winner: Donald Sanchez by Split Decision (49-46, 48-47, 47-48) after five rounds. He improves to 20-10-0 and becomes the Undisputed KOTC Bantamweight Champion.


Sam Oropeza vs Koa Ramos

Round 1:
The fighters traded kicks to begin the fight and Ramos rushed in with a head kick and a right hook. A clinch followed and Oropeza pulled guard with a flying guillotine choke. Ramos tapped out almost instantly. Good win for Oropeza.

Winner: Sam Oropeza by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:50 of round one. He improves to 4-0-0.


While the main event was rather uneventful, KOTC: “Honor” was another solid card for the promotion in its third effort on HDNet. Mike “MAK” Kyle, Donald Sanchez and “The Silent Assassin” Abel Cullum all walked out with KOTC title gold.

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