Elena Reid vs Alyx Luck SNMMA Title Fight OffA Sovereign Nations MMA Women’s Flyweight Championship bout between Elena “Babydoll” Reid and Alyx “Miss” Luck that was set for Playboy Fight Night: “World Tour 2010” on Saturday has been cancelled. MMARising.com can exclusively report that Luck has been suspended for falsifying pre-fight bloodwork in what was reportedly a repeat offence and is now off the card.

With just three days to go until the event, the promotion is attempting to secure a replacement opponent for Reid in the title fight. A representative from another promotion has already lent assistance.

Reid (4-0-0 MMA; 19-5-6 Boxing) has become all too familiar with last-minute fight cancellations in recent months. She was set to challenge for the WBC Women’s Super Flyweight Championship in boxing at the end of February, but that fight was also scratched at the last minute due to issues with reigning champion Ana María Torres. Reid will compete again in boxing in France on June 5th.

Luck (2-2-0) is out of the title fight and has been suspended for what is said to be at least her second violation involving falsified bloodwork. The 22-year-old native of Wyoming, who also works as a model, debuted in mixed martial arts in late September of 2009 and fought four times in a five-month span. With the suspension, she could face difficulties in securing fights in the future. The length of Luck’s suspension, as well as related fines, is not currently known.

MMARising.com will have further updates surrounding the title fight and the remainder of Saturday’s event as they become available. It is hoped that Reid will still be able to participate and defend her title on the card. Playboy Fight Night: “World Tour 2010” takes place at the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, North Dakota.

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  2. 1) Not on “inhancing drugs” – raw vegan – dont even do meat and dairy much less steriods.
    2) It wasnt my bloodwork it was a new fighter I managed until I found out about this, AFTER even Elena did.
    Terribly sorry for the fight change for Elena, but it wasnt my fault. So get the fucking facts straight before publishing. Also, this will get straightened out and more than willing to fight Elena. If anyone has any questions Ill email them a copy of my bloodwork and take a fucking UA for drugs or steriods or whatever.

  3. There actually isn’t any specification in the article as to whose bloodwork it was, other than that I was told that this had happened at least once before. The facts that I have posted are accurate. You’ve been suspended and it was for falsified pre-fight bloodwork. I never mentioned anything about drugs/steroids nor that it was your bloodwork specifically.

  4. Same, response I posted to all article writers, was on a cut, copy, get your fucking facts straight I dont have time to deal with this bullshit drama, phase… Hey at least Im getting infamous now… lol Fuck it. Who wants to fight, non comissioned naturally.. 😉

  5. I agree with what you said in the fightergirls forum it was I believe, hopefully this wont last too long… Glad one of my only videos online is a sloppy one 🙂 and just for discussion purposes since you re on more than I am- that wasnt a commissioned fight (the sloppy one everyones having so much discussing). sorry if I came across snappish – it was a uniform response…
    One article stated perhaps I was using steriods – ROTFL… I WISH! haha Id look great! But not my thing.
    One forum suggested I wasnt suspended and said I was to back out of the fight – wish that was the case – I love MMA and hate dealing with this…
    Facts as they were:
    My bloodwork is clean, and is posted in a photo on my facebook and my myspace, for anyone and everyone to see.
    I train plenty – Ive had sloppy fights…and ghetto ones, but I took the fight with Elenas for a reason – Im ready and I will show that, whether its in a few weeks, months, or whatever it takes to get another semi high profile matchup…
    Living in a non commissioned state – you wouldnt believe the bloodwork issues Ive been around and lately been plagued by l( I musta been an asshole in my last lifetime! – bad karma somehow) , but my blood is clean and clear AS is anyone’s Im still willing to represent.. or have on my team.
    Other than that Im going back to training and focusing on my fighters that all fight next weekend.