K-1 Dynamite!! “Power of Courage 2009” Live ResultsIn the biggest mixed martial arts event of the year, DREAM and Sengoku Raiden Championships collided tonight at K-1 Dynamite!! “Power of Courage 2009” and DREAM narrowly edged SRC in an explosive night of fights. The main event featured Japanese K-1 legend Masato, who competed in his final K-1 bout when he met Andy Souwer for the third time.

For the first time ever, the annual New Year’s Eve Dynamite!! extravaganza aired live on HDNet in North America. MMARising.com has live play-by-play from all 18 MMA and kickboxing bouts on the stacked card.


K-1 Kickboxing Bout

Masato vs Andy Souwer

Round 1:
Masato kept Souwer backing up with kicks to the legs and body early on and he connected with a pair of one-twos. A big combination to the head and body scored for Masato in the corner and Masato pressed the action with more kicks. A head kick landed for Souwer and Masato immediately answered with two punches and a pair of low kicks. The fighters alternated one-twos and leg kicks as Souwer turned up the pace. Masato backed Souwer up with another combination. 10-9 Masato.

Round 2:
Quick strikes were thrown in round two and Masato scored with an overhand right. A stinging left jab followed for Masato and Souwer replied with low kicks. A punch-kick combo landed for Masato and both landed stiff jabs. Souwer opened up with leg kicks and Masato targeted the body. Masato kept Souwer guessing with strikes to the legs and ribs. Souwer landed a solid combination and Masato fired back with a flurry. Close round. 10-10.

Round 3:
Both fighters scored with leg kicks and hooks to the face to begin round three. Masato landed a one-two and Souwer answered with a knee in close. Souwer attempted a flying knee, but it was blocked. Masato threw a series of leg kicks and Souwer landed a head kick. A knee to the ribs scored for Masato and Souwer picked up the pace with kicks to the legs and body. Another close round. 10-10 again.

Round 4:
Leg kicks landed for both fighters in the fourth round and Masato connected with a knee and a combination that backed Souwer up. Another exchange followed and Masato ended with a flurry and two stiff leg kicks. Masato evaded a knee and landed a one-two, then dropped Souwer with a right hook. The crowd erupted and Masato pushed the pace with punches. Souwer tried to fight back with kicks, but more punches and a knee landed for Masato. Souwer rocked Masato with a lengthy combination of punches, but Masato stayed on his feet. 10-8 Masato.

Round 5:
The capacity crowd of 37,000 cheered wildly as the final round began and the fighters went right back to throwing kicks and punches. A nice counter left hook and a leg kick landed for Masato. Souwer landed a trio of knees in close, but Masato countered with a combination. The fighters swung for the fences and Souwer scored with a knee and a one-two. Both landed uppercuts and Souwer picked up the pace with combinations. He missed with a head kick and the fight came to a close. Amazing battle. 10-10 final round.

Winner: Masato by Unanimous Decision after five rounds. He now officially retires after picking up one of the biggest victories of his storied career.


Raiden Cup Championship

Hidehiko Yoshida vs Satoshi Ishii

Round 1:
The fighters traded jabs and one-twos early on and Yoshida connected with a big right hook. More punches followed for Yoshida and Ishii circled away. A looping right hook dropped Ishii and Yoshida swarmed him with uppercuts. Ishii survived, but Yoshida rocked him again. A barrage of punches and a knee followed for Yoshida, but Ishii stayed on his feet.

Another knee and uppercuts found the mark for Yoshida and Ishii’s nose appeared to be broken. Yoshida landed a right cross and evaded a flurry. A looping right hook staggered Ishii and Yoshida added an uppercut seconds later. Yoshida landed a one-two and Ishii answered with a left hook. 10-8 Yoshida. Complete domination.

Round 2:
Yoshida scored with a pair of knees and a right hook early in round two and two more straight rights followed. Ishii connected with a left hook but ate a pair of jabs between the eyes. A right hook and a left uppercut landed for Yoshida and Ishii clinched. Ishii tried for a takedown and Yoshida was warned for getting tangled in the ropes. Yoshida landed a right hand and backed away.

Ishii scored with a one-two and clinched again. He backed Yoshida into the corner and the referee separated the fighters. Ishii ducked under a right hook and connected with a combination that sent Yoshida off-balance. More punches landed for Ishii and he clinched. Ishii kneed and Yoshida countered with uppercuts.

Time was called after a low blow from Ishii. After a very lengthy break, Yoshida was finally able to continue and Ishii was given a Red Card for the infraction. The fight resumed and Ishii caught a head kick. He threw Yoshida to the mat and moved to side-control as the bell rang. 9-9 due to the point deduction.

Round 3:
Ishii clinched to begin the final round and tried for a judo throw, but Yoshida defended. Two uppercuts landed for Yoshida and Ishii clinched again. The referee separated the fighters and Ishii began to throw lead left hooks. Ishii pressed forward again and tried for a takedown. Yoshida defended and the fighters were separated again. Single punches were exchanged and Yoshida connected with two right hooks.

Ishii clinched once more, but Yoshida punched free and landed a hook behind the ear. More punches landed for both fighters and Yoshida scored with an uppercut. Ishii quickly answered with two hooks and Yoshida clinched with another uppercut. Ishii could not take him down and Yoshida then tried for a takedown of his own. Ishii sprawled out and punched until the fight was stood up. Ishii landed a combination at the bell. Very close final round. 10-9 Ishii by a slim margin.

Winner: Hidehiko Yoshida by Unanimous Decision after three rounds. He improves to 9-7-1 and wins the Sengoku Raiden Cup Championship.


Non-Title Bout

Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki vs Mizuto Hirota

Round 1:
Aoki shot in right away for a takedown, but Hirota stuffed it. Aoki refused to give up the takedown and managed to drag Hirota to the mat in the corner. Aoki pinned Hirota’s arm behind his back and moved to mount, then landed punches with his free hand. Hirota tried to strike back from the bottom, but Aoki took his back and wrenched on Hirota’s arm. Aoki then rolled forward and clearly broke Hirota’s arm at the elbow. The fight was immediately stopped.

As if breaking Hirota’s arm wasn’t bad enough, Aoki then flipped off Hirota and the crowd and ran to the backstage area. Impressive win for Aoki, but his ego continues to inflate and he has apparently forgotten that he was brutally knocked out by Hayato Sakurai in 27 seconds nine months ago.

Winner: Shinya Aoki by Technical Submission (Hammerlock) at 2:17 of round one. He improves to 23-4-0, 1 NC.

Final Tally: DREAM defeats Sengoku Raiden Championships by a score of 5 to 4.


Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi vs Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge

Round 1:
Mousasi opened with a pair of jab-kick combos, then easily took Goodridge down. He postured up and rained down some big punches, but Goodridge defended well. Mousasi moved to side-control and then isolated Goodridge’s arm with his leg. He gave that up in favour of punches instead. Goodridge, now bleeding, turtled and offered no resistance and the referee stopped the fight.

Winner: Gegard Mousasi by TKO (Punches) at 1:34 of round one. He improves to 28-2-1.

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