Five Things Learned From UFC 107

Five Things Learned From UFC 107The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first trip to Memphis, Tennessee featured many impressive and dominant performances at UFC 107 and the promotion will look to continue its success in 2010 despite countless injuries that have sidelined its top stars.

In the wake of Saturday’s event,’s Mike Miller takes a look back at the night’s action. From BJ Penn’s successful title defence to others who did not live up to their potential, Mike gives his take on the real winners and losers from UFC 107 with five key thoughts.


The Top 5 Things Learned From UFC 107

5. Jon Fitch is content where he is.

Jon Fitch’s record of 11-1 is one of the most impressive in the UFC. While it must be acknowledged, there exist problems that are not so obviously stated.

First, of Fitch’s twelve fights in the UFC, only four have been finished. He simply does not have finishing power on the feet or on the ground. Fitch is content to play it safe. He likes to pressure and wear opponents down; mentally and physically exhausting them to the point where their mind and body quit. This allows Fitch to put it in cruise control en route to a unanimous decision.

At UFC 107, Fitch was trying to implement such a game plan against a very competitive Mike Pierce and almost lost the fight late in the third round when Pierce rocked him. This style of fighting does win fights, but it has also given Fitch the black dot in the form of being labeled as a boring fighter.

Second, Fitch was manhandled by GSP for five rounds. GSP outstruck, outwrestled and plain outworked the workhorse. This poses the question as to where Fitch goes from here. That one blemish on his record is large enough to keep him from getting another title shot in the stockpiled division. Fitch needs to prove that he is ready for another shot and that he can actually be competitive if he were to fight GSP again.

Third, simply combine the two points from above. Fitch, in his three fights following his dismantling, has not finished an opponent. In fact, one could go as far as saying that Fitch has not had an exciting fight since his loss to GSP. While watching UFC 107 with friends, one said that he would go pick up some wings and beer. I asked, “Are you sure you want to miss a fight?” His response: “Fitch is fighting.” He did not miss anything.

I am not at all saying that Fitch is not skilled; he is an extremely skilled and dedicated fighter. However, by not coming out aggressively and looking to finish, Fitch is telling the UFC brass that he knows that he cannot defeat GSP and is content to stay near the top, but never be at the top.


4. Clay Guida does not belong in the UFC.

Guida has a 5-5 record in the UFC. Is that a bad record to hold in the top MMA organization in the world? No, it is respectable. The problem lies in the fact that Guida is not a good fighter. His standup is jerky, predictable and powerless. His takedowns are telegraphed and easily stuffed by fighters with decent wrestling backgrounds. When he does take a fighter down, he is perfectly content to lay on them.

Of Guida’s five wins inside the Octagon, only two of his opponents still fight in the UFC, while four of the five who have beaten him are still with the organization. So, why is Guida such a crowd favorite? Because he is like an Energizer Bunny? No, it is because Guida is a human punching bag.

Guida does not make his fights exciting. It’s Guida’s opponent that does that job. Aside from Guida’s split decision win over Nate Diaz, ask a fan to name one exciting fight that Guida has won. Chances are, he or she will be speechless. Guida is not an exciting fighter and does not possess the skills to be fighting in the UFC.


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  2. Your idea that Clay Guida does not belong in the UFC is one of the most boneheaded opinions I’ve ever heard.

  3. He’s right, Guida just bounces around a lot. He’s garbage, even your mother could beat him


  5. Look, I think Guida should go to a smaller promotion and focus on building his technical skills. The amount of punishment he can take and does take is absurd, but also unhealthy. The guy has a lot of potential.. his cardio is basically unrivaled; consequently, I think for Guida to take some time and refocus his game would do wonders.

  6. @JerseyJoeJitsu

    Why is that? You have something to backup the opinion that he does belong in the UFC (or any major MMA promotion)? He has no finishing power, he’s just a punching bag, a punching bag with a lot of heart and cardio, but still a punching bag.

    Guida has dropped so far out of contention that he’s not even relevant anymore, time to drop him and bring in some new talent until he can prove that he might be a contender.

  7. I have to be honest. The comment above from “Clay Guida” was one of the funnier things that I’ve read in a while.

  8. Haha.. Rob, did you see his URL?

  9. Yeah, that was what made it so awesome. Same for his e-mail address ( Good comedy for the evening from that person.