Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Returns To The UFCTen weeks after announcing his intentions to walk away from mixed martial arts forever in a frustrated blog post on his website, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson plans to return to the UFC to finish out his contract and has announced his intentions to silence critics, including UFC President Dana White.

Further upset from what he felt was selective editing of episodes of The Ultimate Fighter 10, on which he served as a coach, Jackson feels that he was unfairly portrayed and has scores to settle in the company.

Jackson (30-7-0) took on the role of B.A. Baracus in the movie remake of “A-Team” earlier this year, which did not sit well with White and forced a cancellation of the proposed UFC 107 main event between Jackson and fellow TUF 10 coach “Sugar” Rashad Evans.

In a pair of blog posts on his official website, Jackson expressed frustrations with the way that he had been treated and portrayed in the UFC and took exception to White’s derogatory comments regarding his movie aspirations.

Following the list of grievances, Jackson stated his intentions to leave the UFC and mixed martial arts in order to pursue a new career in acting.

However, in a new blog post earlier this week, Jackson announced that he will return to the UFC in order to finish out his contract and intends to “shut up” both Evans and White.

While no date has been listed for his return, Jackson stated that he was returning for his fans and to settle the score with Evans, whom he had frequent run-ins with during the filming of TUF 10.

He plans to return to acting once his current UFC contract has been fulfilled.

While he is not on good terms with Jackson, White will certainly be pleased to hear that the former champion plans to make his return, as injuries, fight cancellations and lacklustre events have recently hurt the UFC considerably.