Miku "Supernova" Matsumoto Defeats "Windy" Tomomi SunabaContinuing her incredible run of victories, DEEP Women’s Lightweight (106-Pound) Champion Miku “Supernova” Matsumoto defeated veteran striker “Windy” Tomomi Sunaba in a lopsided bout in the co-main event of DEEP: “44th Impact.”

Matsumoto controlled the fight from start to finish and once again made use of her improved striking skills to best Sunaba wherever the fight went. With impressive takedowns and solid combinations, Matsumoto took the fight to the ground at will and earned a clear-cut Unanimous Decision.

The win solidifies Matsumoto’s place among the best female fighters in the world. Just as in her fight with former champion Hisae Watanabe, the top Japanese female striker in the world, Matsumoto surprisingly held an edge in the exchanges against Sunaba as well.

Sunaba’s best offence came in the form of leg kicks and quick flurries, but Matsumoto walked right through them and trapped Sunaba in the corner. From there, she took Sunaba down repeatedly with an impressive array of throws, but also dropped Sunaba with punches later on.

On the ground, Matsumoto looked for rear naked chokes and armbars, but the veteran Sunaba managed to escape danger. She could do little else, however, as Matsumoto punished her with knees to the body and finished the fight strong.

Matsumoto (22-4-0), the #5-ranked female fighter in the world, is unquestionably the fastest-rising talent in the women’s division. Her title victory over Watanabe at DEEP: “31st Impact” was the key in momentum and she has now won an incredible 12 straight fights.

After the fight, Matsumoto stated that she felt that something was missing in the fight and she was not entirely satisfied. This was despite the fact that she had just completely dominated a well-respected veteran of the sport.

The victory sets the stages for a potential superfight between Matsumoto and #1-ranked female fighter Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii. It would arguably be the top female fight to take place since Hisae Watanabe knocked out “Princess” Satoko Shinashi at DEEP: “25th Impact” in 2006.

A Matsumoto win would see a changing of the guard atop the women’s division rankings.